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UC-321PBT Precision Scale LBS/KG

UC-321PBT Precision Scale LBS/KG

Precision Body Mass Scale | A&D Medical UC321PBT

Personal Health Scale

Model UC-321PBT

Digital Telemedicine Scale - Bluetooth Output

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Retail Price: $375.00

Sale Price: $268.66

  • Professional Sales Only
  • Capacity: 450 lb (200 kg)
  • Graduation: 0.2 lb (0.1 kg)
  • Platform Size: 12.6 x 12.3 x 1.4 inches
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The UC-321PBT Precision Personal Health Scale - A new level of sophistication and accuracy for the individual who demands performance for his or her money. The UC-321 is the only personal health scale that offers this level of precision and accuracy in a consumer device. 0.1 pound resolution can tell you how much that glass of water or maybe the jelly donut you just had weighed.

Four special features make this personal scale stand out from the crowd. The built-in Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator automatically calculates your BMI score, so you can tell when you need to run that extra mile.

The built-in memory retains the last 31 measurements to let you know which way your weight is sliding...even if you don't want to know. And when you don't want anyone else to know, you can program your target weight into the scale and the display will tell you how many kilograms or pounds you are over or under your target weight - and hides your weight from sight.

The UC-321PBT offers the ability to select measurements to be displayed in either pounds or kilograms. This precision scale has a higher capacity of 450 pounds with a low 0.2 resolution. The UC-321-PBT communicates with PC via wireless Bluetooth communications.

Bluetooth Communications is a wireless technology which enables data connections between electronic devices such as desktop computers, wireless phones, electronic organizers and printers in the 2.4 GHz range. Bluetooth would replace cable or infrared connections for such devices.

The UC-321PBT features the Motion Tolerance Mode - Provides an accurate reading for those patients who are unsteady on the scale. An advanced technological feature in which the internal CPU and intelligent software quickly calculate the precise weight when a patient cannot maintain a steady balance during measurement. This feature is especially beneficial for elderly or fatigued patients.

The most important feature of the UC-321PBT is the new Smart Sensor load cell, which is the heart and soul of the UC-321PBT

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UC-321PBT Precision Personal Health Scale

  • With wireless Bluetooth communications
  • High capacity - 450 lb (200 kg) / 0.2lb resolution
  • Memory storage for 40 readings (weight w/ time & date stamp)
  • Real time clock (five year life)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Motion Tolerance Mode*
  • *Provides accurate readings even if patient is unsteady during measurement
  • Can select to display measurements in lb or k
  • Wireless to 300 feet / class 1
  • Unique bluetooth serial number
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