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LifeSource HealthCare Products

LifeSource HealthCare Products


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LifeSource is a leading manufacturer of home health care products. LifeSource home health care products include automatic and manual blood pressure monitors, thermometers, stethoscopes, scales and ambulatory blood pressure monitors for professional use.

Home Blood Pressure Monitors
Blood pressure monitors by Lifesource include the accurate technology based on oscillometric methods for the digital displayed blood pressure monitors. Select the type of blood pressure monitor to view a complete line by LifeSource.
Home Scales
As a critical tool in your health management, home use scales provide you with accurate body weight reading. Affordable, stylish, and accurate, see our full line of Lifesource digital bathroom scales.
Pedometers by LifeSource, or step counters, can be motivational and a great way to track your daily activity. QuickMedical has a full range of fitness Pedometers by LifeSource at affordable prices. Look for additional features like, calorie-counting, memory storage, and PC data transfer.
Professional Blood Pressure Monitors
QuickMedical specializes in Professional Blood Pressure Monitors , ideal for the clinic or hospital setting. See Lifesource automatic and ambulatory monitors, and sphygmomanometers. Accurate and durable, they can stand up to the rigors of heavy use.
Professional Scales
Medical professionals demand accuracy, quality, and durability in weight scales. Lifesource has a selection of physician scales to meet the needs of the clinic or hospital setting. These scales are ideal for fitness and health facilities.
QuickMedical has thermometer types to suit all needs of the medical professional. Given the importance of evaluating body temperature in diagnosing illness, healthcare providers should have accurate, appropriate Thermometers by LifeSource at the ready.
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