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Can You Sweat Out Toxins?

Can You Sweat Out Toxins?

The answer is No.

Contrary to conventional wisdom and popular myth, you don't sweat out toxins, and sweating has no cleansing function. Don't believe me?

Sweat is 99 percent water and a tiny percent of salt, urea, proteins and carbohydrates. Salt, proteins and carbohydrates aren't toxins. Urea is a by-product of protein metabolism and is non-toxic. It's regulated to keep your blood at a healthy pH. Most excess urea is eliminated in urine (hence the name) and a small amount is in sweat.

Toxins (mercury, alcohol, drugs,) are eliminated by your liver and intestines. There are 2.6 million sweat glands, but they are designed to regulate temperature, not get rid of waste products.

The body cools itself by releasing water on the skin, which evaporates, cooling you. Excess sweating doesn't eliminate excess salt or help hangovers. By forcing your body to copiously perspire, you're only forcing your kidneys to save water (and ironically actual toxins) elsewhere.

It's not getting rid of toxins, but it's still very important to stay physically active by using health and fitness equipment and supplies, pedometers, exercise weights and other QuickMedical fitness products.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
You must of never been toxic, the only thing that helped me was sweating each day on my bike.

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