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How Did Michael Jackson Really Die?

How Did Michael Jackson Really Die?

Before you think we've transformed the blog into the National Enquirer for a day, take a moment to remember that the controversies, debates, and wonders about Michael Jackson's troubled life, often always focused in some way, or another, on the pop star's health. Even in death, the particulars of Jackson's health are discussed. Currently, due to a criminal case against Jackson's doctor at the time of his death, his health is once again on the metaphorical operating room table.

Who was Michael Jackson and why is his story still intriguing, years after his death?

Why is Michael Jackson's health still in the news?

Michael Jackson was arguably the most successful solo entertainer of all time. His Thriller album is still the best selling album of all time and by utilizing music videos in the 80s, Jackson became the undisputed king of international pop music in the late 20th century. But his triumphs were met with a Shakespearean public descent into an upside down world of celebrity where fame became a prison. Beginning in the 80s with inquiries into Jackson's physical health and reaching a peak with investigations into his mental state after inappropriate behavior with children was revealed, media attention on Michael Jackson always "medicalized" his celebrity persona.

Michael Jackson's appearance and other-worldly dance moves, like 'the Moonwalk,' made Jackson seem, 'not quite real.' Questions about Michael Jackson's health stemmed from his public persona as more than human, or not quite human. Media reports on Jackson's skin bleaching, plastic surgery, and mental illness served to confirm that the celebrity was after all, just a man. Although he seemed more than human, Jackson had real health problems such as lupus and vitiligo.

And now Jackson's live-in doctor is on trial. Lawyers for his doctor's defense say Jackson possibly administered the last, fatal dose of anesthetic himself. The prosecution insists the doctor is at fault. It seems that whether the doctor is directly at fault, or only tangentially, the trial is an eruption of public anger at all the doctors who cared for Michael Jackson, while he was alive. In a way, Jackson's last doctor is a stand-in for all the doctors in Jackson's troubled life who could not save him, through treatment or plastic surgery, or plastic surgery to repair plastic surgery.

Jackson died with a powerful sedative called propofol in his system. Propofol, which is sometimes called 'milk of amnesia,' is mostly used on patients undergoing surgery as a general anesthetic. Misuse of this drug, most likely lead to the cardiac arrest from which Jackson never recovered. Whether the doctor on trial administered the fatal dose, or whether Jackson administered it to himself, the fact that Jackson was using such a powerful drug as a sleep-aid shows some serious lapses in medical ethical judgment.

Michael Jackson's life and death is a powerful warning about the price of genius and fame. It's also a lesson to patients and doctors to make choices about health and wellness based on realistic outcomes.

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13 Comments about "How Did Michael Jackson Really Die?"

Thursday, June 20, 2013
i think michael killed himself he was a very ill person ive never seen a black mans skin color change so drastically he got very skinny and didnt look like the old michael at all i grew up with him and will miss seeing him the face lifts the skin color was all to hide his illness he told us he wasn't going to be here in one of his interviews and stressed he wanted to dissapear nor did he want to be 60 yrs old singing billie jean there where alot of hints there he expressed that we paid no attention to hopefully one day it will be figured out but it all ends up the same hes dead conrad murray was just a victim he pulled in he didnt want to die alone and conrad was there conrad didnt buy the propafal that killed him with michael being as rich as he was he could get anything he wanted he was in alot of pain with lupus and all the other stuff its mostly ironic he was the richest man in the world and became very sick i wonder if he actually enjoyed his wealth we couldnt get enough of him now hes gone we have to live without him we should accept the fact of how ill he really was then it will all come together this has to end so he can rest in peace hes gone
Saturday, February 16, 2013
I feel so so so sorry for Michael Jackson. I heard that people still see his ghost i'm not trying to scare anybody but i saw his ghost on google images i do hope his ghost is not real. But it is such a shame he had to die i guess nobody knows who really killed him, himself or the doctor. I would probaly say both. Becuase if you heard the way he lived his life then who would want to live a life like that . I defenitly wouldn't. You have to put yourself in his shoes. The way the doctors treated him i just don't know they might not have liked him who knows i guess nobody will ever know that answer. I want to be an investagter i think and solve this mystery or crime whatever so i can really find out what happened to Michael Jackson all those years ago.
Tuesday, December 25, 2012
Micheal doctor really didn't kill him.micheal had a overdoes of a drug he put in him self,don't beleave I those supid rumors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday, November 27, 2012
how dare you people kill micheal.I love him so so so much.Jerks.
Sunday, November 25, 2012
Such a sad story...... ;(
Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Thursday, November 15, 2012
Thank you for your thoughts, Hayley.
Thursday, November 15, 2012
Why would the doctor do such thing to Michael he was a popstar untill the doctor game him a sleep-aid drug. I blame it is the doctor's fault. Even though i am not a fan of Michael but that was cruel and just pain wrong.
Saturday, October 06, 2012
o nooooooooooo how killed michael jackson
virginia owoh
Friday, June 01, 2012
i mix michael jackson
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
thought he died from to much plastic surgery
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Thank you for your comment. I think we can all empathize with loss.
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
why would someone kill michael jackson he care about this country and his community. i am a big fan of michael j jackson he is a good person and he is a human like every body eles. if that was you with out a father how wood you feel someone you love is not here.michael jackson is that person i look up to. i had real big dreams that one day will be one of ihs dancer and tell him the great things that he had done.

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