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Why Use Nitrile Exam Gloves?

Why use nitrile exam gloves? Nitrile exam gloves are one of the most important disposables for the medical industry. Nitrile exam gloves do not cause the same allergies that latex gloves cause. Health care providers use nitrile exam gloves because they are safer when dealing with patients who have unknown allergies. Nitrile exam gloves are more resistant than natural rubber gloves to oils and acids and are three times more puncture-resistant than natural, allergy inducing rubber latex gloves.

Nitrile exam gloves are the modern incarnation of medical exam gloves. In 1890 William Stewart Halsted first used sterilized medical gloves. He started using carbolic acid to sterilize his hands and his nurse's hands. She was sensitive to the chemical and it damaged the skin on her hands. Halsted asked the Goodyear Company if they could make a rubber glove that could be dipped in carbolic acid. This was the first sterile medical exam glove.

Why Use Nitrile Exam Gloves?

Nitrile rubber is a synthetic copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. Nitrile rubber is produced on an industrial scale for many products, not just exam gloves including tubing, sponges, footwear, and even floor mats.

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