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Bowman Dispensers

Bowman Dispensers

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For over 38 years Bowman has been specializing in the design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of top of the line medical disposable dispensers. Bowman offers a variety of styles ranging from a simple exam glove dispenser all the way to the efficient Respiratory Hygiene / Flu Station.

Bag Holders
QuickMedical offers Bowman Bag Dispensers for use in active medical environments where medical waste is produced by standard procedures. Available in several sizes and capacities, Bowman Bag Dispensers are ideal for wall mounting and providing easy access to medical waste bags.
Bulk Dispensers
Bulk Dispensers by Bowman are ideal for places like high volume hospitals and clinics where medical disposables are used frequently. Bulk Dispensers by Bowman eliminate having to refill a dispenser all the time and make access to disposables a breeze.
Face Mask Dispensers
Bowman's Face Mask Dispensers are simple, one-piece products, designed to hold a box of medical masks for dispensing. Bowman Dispensers mount to walls for easy access, keeping work areas free of clutter. With a wide variety of sizes, styles and materials, there is a Bowman Medical Mask Dispenser for nearly every kind of face mask.
Glove Dispensers
Exam Glove Dispensers by Bowman come in a variety of styles to meet the needs of any hospital, clinic, doctor's office or dental practices. Find an array of reliable, durable medical disposable dispensers designed for use in any professional medical setting.
Infection Prevention Reference Cards
Bowman Infection Prevention Reference Cards serve as a reference to the HICPAC/CDC guidelines for preventing the transmission of isolated organisms. Infection Control Cards reference the precautions which should be taken by staff members to prevent the transmission of these organisms. Infection Guideline Reference Cards serve as a great reminder for staff members.
Medical Protection Organizers
Medical Protection Organizers by Bowman are designed to store personal protection supplies for busy emergency rooms, hospitals and clinics that witness a high volume of traffic. Medical Protection Organizers by Bowman are proudly made in the USA and are made to last with their durable construction.
Respiratory Hygiene Stations
Respiratory Hygiene Stations by Bowman are proudly made in the USA and are ideal for medical facilities where patients may be arriving with respiratory problems and flu like symptoms. Respiratory Hygiene Stations by Bowman are perfect for emergency rooms, clinics, hospitals and urgent care centers.
Specialty Dispensers
Bowman Specialty Dispensers are user friendly holders designed to keep on demand medical supplies organized and in easy reach for medical professionals.
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