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Kendall - Covidien Wound Care Products

Kendall - Covidien Wound Care Products

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Covidien Disposable Products are made with pride in the USA and are designed to incorporate performance and cost-efficiency with high volume use. Kendall is dedicated to offering innovative healthcare solutions through ethical behavior and professionalism during the manufacturing and engineering processes. Kendall offers a complete line of disposable medical dressings to suit all needs.

Alcohol Wipes
QuickMedical offers a variety of Covidien Alcohol Wipes for several different purposes. From skin prep to adhesive remover, Covidien Alcohol Wipes are available in an array of sizes and plys for dynamic medical related needs.
Antimicrobial Disposable Products
QuickMedical offers a complete line of Covidien Antimicrobial Disposable Products for a wide variety of medical needs. Ideal for preventing infections and reducing the spread of bacteria, Covidien Antimicrobial Disposable Products contain antimicrobial solutions to limit cross-contamination.
QuickMedical offers a complete line of Covidien Bandages including adhesive bandages, cohesive bandages and elastic bandages to support muscle strain, common injuries and open wounds. Available in several sizes and quantities, Covidien Bandages are ideal for an array of medical related needs.
Cotton Balls
A staple of any medical practice, Cotton Balls by Covidien meet a variety of needs within the medical office. Small, but very absorbent, the cotton balls can be used as applicators to stop minor bleed and to absorb fluids. Covidien Cotton Balls are perfect for hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, homes and fitness centers.
Cotton Tipped Applicators
Whether used for cleaning, sampling, applying, rubbing, or another application, Cotton tipped Applicators by Covidien are useful in both homes and medical facilities. Tough wooden shafts and soft cotton heads ensure that the cotton swabs will survive the task at hand.
QuickMedical offers Kendall Disposable Dressings for all wound care applications. Our comprehensive line of Covidien wound dressings include Kendall, Curity, hydrogel dressings, burn dressings, non-adherent, and wet dressings.
QuickMedical offers a comprehensive line of Kendall Gauze in nearly all forms. Our Covidien Gauze line consists of gauze pads, gauze rolls, gauze sponges and specialty gauze such as X-Ray detectable sponges. Our Covidien Disposable line includes both sterile and non-sterile gauze products.
Medical Tape
QuickMedical offers a complete line of Covidien Medical Tape for a variety of uses. Covidien Medical tape is available in several application-specific formulations to ensure convenience and efficiency.
Packing Strips
Covidien's line of wound care products includes Packing Strips, which are excellent for use in packing with dressings or bandages. Covidien Wound Packing Strips are clean, safe, and strong and can be cut to any length, depending on their use. Rely on Covidien Packing Strips in hospitals, trauma centers and emergency rooms as well as doctors' offices, clinics, and even use at home.
Professional Thermometers
Thermometers by Covidien are ideal for use in clinics, hospitals and other high traffic medical facilities. Quick and accurate, Covidien Thermometers offer the necessary precision for medical environments while providing patient comfort. Designed to minimize cross contamination.
Skin Protection Wipes
QuickMedical offers Covidien Skin Protection Wipes to provide a barrier between skin and adhesive products to protect skin from harmful elements.
QuickMedical offers a complete line of Covidien Sponges for nearly any use. Our product line of Covidien Sponges includes sterile and non-sterile sponges, woven and non-woven and individually packaged surgical sponges.
Undercast Padding
For improved patient comfort during casting look for Undercast Padding by Covidien. The cushioning materials of the Undercast padding retain their high-quality composition through varying conditions to allow for continued comfort and ease of motion. Staff of hospitals, clinics, and doctors' offices will make good use of Covidien Undercast Padding Rolls.
Unna Boots
QuickMedical offers Covidien Unna Boots as an ideal dressing for a variety of wounds. Unna Boots are useful in treating wounds which produce light to moderate drainage and work well with patients who are active and mobile.
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