MedReady Automated Medication Dispenser - A Closer Look

    MedReady Automated Medication Dispenser - A Closer Look

    Medready is a tool designed to aid persons who take the medication on a scheduled basis. It is designed to alert a person, by ringing an alarm, when it is time to take a medication and, as the unit is lockable, prevent a person from inadvertently overdosing. The unit has twenty-eight compartments to hold medication and can be programmed to deliver up to four doses a day. The unit rotates and, at the pre-set times, the alarm rings and a door can be opened to access the appropriate medications. By opening the door to access the medication, the alarm is silenced. With proper use, a person should be able to adhere to the medication schedule that maintains his health.

    Below is a closer look at how the MedReady Medication Dispenser is used. The following information will not only be useful in learning more about the intricacies on how the device works, but will also serve as a reference guide after purchasing the dispenser.

    Leave the first cup empty to serve as the marker Continue to hold the TIME button down while you advance the minutes with the MIN button. Keep the alarm 1 button down while another finger advances first the HOUR and the MIN buttons. The back-up batteries should only be used during short-term traveling less than 72 hours.

    Checking the Battery

    1. The battery compartment lid is located on the underside of the unit. Open the lid by sliding the tab back and lifting the lid after the tab clears the stop. Plug the batter in. Notice the design of the plug allows it to enter in only one direction. Make sure it is securely plugged in.
    2. Now plug the AC adapter into the unit and connect to an electrical outlet.
    3. Unplug the AC adapter, Only the colon will be visible in the display and it will be flashing. This verifies the battery is operational in case of a power outage.
    4. Plug the AC adapter back in and replace the batter compartment lid

    Loading Medication

    1. To open, first use the key to unlock the lid. Note; the key cannot be removed in the unlocked position. Next, rotate the lid counterclockwise slightly and easily lift the lid off. With the AC adapter plugged into both your electrical wall socket and the unit, press the ALARM TEST button. This will cause the tray to rotate and the alarm to sound. Slide the "T" bar forward to the "X" to stop the alarm from sounding.
    2. The medication for each dosage should be placed in 28 of the 29 cups on the removable tray. Leave the first cup empty to serve as the marker and first cup that appears at the dispensing bay when MedReady is activated. To conform to any regimen, a different combination of medications may be placed in each cup. The medication should be distributed in a counterclockwise direction since the tray rotates clockwise. Using the included filling ring makes this easier!
    3. In some cases the tray may be filled with medication when it is removed from the unit. After following the instruction in step B above, place the tray with empty cut to the right of the "T" bar. Press the test button to ensure the blank is in the displayed position and again slide the "T" bar forward to the "X" position to stop the alarm from sounding. Sometimes it may be necessary to repeat this operation until the empty cup is in the dispensing bay position. When you put the lid back on, the empty cup should be showing when the slide is moved.

    Setting Time of Day

    1. Set the time of day by pressing and holding down the TIME button with one finger while another finger presses the HOUR button until it advances to the correct hour.
    2. Continue to hold the TIME button down while you advance the minutes with the MIN button.
    3. Keep the TIME button down while you press AM-PM to select the time of day.
    4. A PM hour is shown by the single bright dot to the upper right of the clock. AM hour is identified when the bright dot is off. The clock's time is set as soon as the TIME button is released.

    Setting Dispensing Time

    1. Setting the alarm is very similar to setting the clock. If one or more of the medications is to be taken at different times in a 24-hour period, you will need to use more than one alarm. To set the first of four alarms, press and hold down the alarm 1 button. Keep the alarm 1 button down while another finger advances first the HOUR and the MIN buttons.
    2. Press AM-PM to set an AM or PM time.
    3. Repeat these steps for setting alarms 2 through 4 for the next three deliveries of oral medication if needed. You can review your dispensing times by pressing the individual alarm buttons. Remember: an alarm is set when the light above the alarm button in on. Press the alarm button to set/unset an alarm. For instance, if you have a two-times-a-day regimen, you should see two lights on above the alarm buttons.

    Setting Alarm Length

    1. Press and hold alarm test button...Current alarm time will display
    2. While holding alarm test key, press minute button to scroll through 4 optional alarm length settings (30, 45, 60, or 250 minutes)
    3. Release minute button when desired time is reached

    Locking the Lid

    After the clock and dispensing times are set and the medications are organized in their cups, replace the lid over the tray and rotate it slightly counterclockwise to latch. Use the key to lock the lid in place.

    Important Points

    Power Supply...You should use the AC wall power supply whenever you can. The back-up batteries should only be used during short-term traveling less than 72 hours. When you get to your destination, please use the AC wall socket plug to power the unit. When under battery power, only the colon will be displayed by the clock.

    Checking the Alarm...To check the power supply and ensure that MedReady is functioning, remove the lid and press the ALARM TEST button. The alarm will sound until you slide the "T" bar up to the "X". Remember the tray will move forward when you perform this check.

    Troubleshooting the Unit

    The alarm will not shut off...The white bar was down when the top was put on. Take the top off and slide the white bar up. Replace the top on the unit with the door closed.

    The alarm(s) do not work. The alarm light(s) are not on...The alarms were not properly activated. Take the top off. Press the alarm button to turn the light on. Replace the top with the door closed and the white bar up.

    For those with hearing difficulties, Medready has developed a unit with a flashing light to alert the patient that it is time for a scheduled dose.

    There is also a unit designed for those with difficulty hearing a regular alarm but able to hear a low frequency alarm. This unit can be combined with the flashing light as a double alert.

    Medready has made it easy for a caregiver to monitor a patient's medication compliance by attaching a unit to a website via common telephone connection which will list the times medication was taken. If the medication is not taken, the caregiver can be alerted by telephone or computer. If the caregiver chooses, other individuals can be notified if the caregiver is unavailable. The monitored units also come with flashing lights or low frequency alarms as options.

    MedReady is dedicated to providing world-class support for their automated medication dispensers. Product support can be reached by e-mail at or by dialing 310 328-7557.

    Important Notes

    To initiate recognition of the MedReady unit to the monitor unit, put the monitor unit in a learn mode and then, immediately press and hold Alarm 1 and then press Alarm 2 on the MedReady unit. Both MedReady buttons should be held until you get the proper signal from the monitor. This time should be about 4 seconds. The unit is now ready to monitor the medication compliance of the individual.