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Fabrication Enterprises Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy

Fabrication Enterprises Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy


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Fabrication Enterprises offers Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Equipment and Supplies for physicians, clinics, specialists, trainers, rehabilitation, and home care. Industry leading brands include Cando, Baseline, Theraputty, Skillbuilders, Tumbleforms, Digi-Flex, Chattanooga, and more.

Aids for the Kitchen
Aids for the Kitchen can help those with joint pain, limited strength or limited range of motion maintain their independence. Specialty utensils, jar openers and dishes by Fabrication Enterprises can assist those with a wide range of disabilities.
Akle Rehabilitation
Fabrication Enterprises offers high-quality equipment designed for ankle rehabilitation and therapy. Ideal for the treatment of sprains, strains, and injuries, QuickMedical offers Ankle Therapy Products to meet your needs.
Anatomical Charts
QuickMedical offers a variety of Anatomical Charts by Fabrication Enterprises for educational purposes. Great for classrooms and medical facilities, anatomical charts help teachers and physicians explain anatomy to patients and students. Several variations of anatomical charts are available including anatomy of the human body, educational posters for injuries and diseases, women's health posters, and more.
Anatomical Models
Fabrication Enterprises' Anatomy Models lead the way in anatomical instruction and display. These highly-detailed, Scale Anatomical Models are truly life-like, with moveable pieces, color-coded parts, and disassemblable construction, making them ideal for classrooms, clinics, therapy centers, and doctor's offices.
Aquatic Therapy
Aquatic Therapy products by Fabrication Enterprises complement any swimming exercise or therapy routine. Kick boards, pool noodles, buoys, and disposable swimsuits can help make swimming fun and healthy while promoting low-impact exercise.
Athletic Tape
Athletic Tape by Fabrication Enterprises offers a gentle and effective way to stabilize weak or injured body parts in order to prevent further injury. It is useful to trainers and other health care professionals for pain reduction and patient care needs, and to athletes for performance enhancement and injury prevention.
Balance Boards
Balance boards and Inflatable Discs by Fabrication Enterprises can increase balance and make your normal workout more challenging. Wobble boards and rocker boards can be used for balance training and inflatable discs and domes can be used for a variety of exercises.
Bath Seats
Bath Seats by Fabrication Enterprises are designed specifically for pediatric bathing. These Bath Chairs are constructed of quick-drying mesh fabric and include positioning belts. Bathing Chairs are fully adjustable to meet the needs of a wide range of patients.
Bathroom Aids
Bathroom Aids by Fabrication Enterprises can help those with limited range of motion maintain their independence and dignity. These Aids to Daily Living increase reach and help maintain personal hygiene.
Bed Accessories
Bed ladders, trays, and blanket lift bars can help individuals get in and out of bed more easily and sleep more comfortably. Fabrication Enterprises offers Bed Accessories that are ideal for any patient with mobility issues.
Body Fat Analyzers
Body Fat Analyzers by Fabrication Enterprises are perfect for quickly measuring fat percentage. These Handheld Body Fat Analyzers are battery powered and portable, and support storing results using internal memory.
Body Fat Scales
Body fat scales by Fabrication Enterprises are economical and ideal for measuring weight, body fat, and water percentage. These scales are battery powered and offer child and adult modes with an 8-person memory.
Bolsters, Pillows, and Wedges
Bolsters, Pillows and Wedges by Fabrication Enterprises are ideal for physical therapy, physical education classes, gymnasiums, and at-home exercise. They are available in various shapes and sizes, and provide a stable base for exercise therapy.
Bungee Exercise Bands
Bungee Exercise Bands by Fabrication Enterprises are an economical solution to upper and lower body exercises. Lightweight, compact and portable, Bungee Exercise Bands are perfect for exercise at home and while traveling. Various lengths of Bungee Bands are available as well as a wide variety of accessories to allow the user to access virtually any angle and level of resistance.
Calipers by Fabrication Enterprises provide objective measurement for the evaluation and tracking of patient health. Disposable, re-usable, and digital options make them ideal for a range of uses, and measurements are indicated in both inches and centimeters. Medical Calipers are ideal for screening individuals or large populations. Calipers are simple to use and easy to read for all users.
Dressing Aids
Shoe horns, zipper pulls, and stocking aids by Fabrication Enterprises can make getting dressed easier for those with limited range of motion or mobility. Dressing Aids are ideal for individuals who wish to maintain an independent lifestyle despite their disability.
Dry Heat Therapy
Dry Heat Therapy increases blood circulation and improves range of motion in patients with acute and chronic injuries alike. Heat Therapy is commonly used for rehabilitation therapy and pain relief. Dry Heat Therapy benefits muscles by providing comfort and blood to flow through congested, inflamed tissue to heal injuries quickly. Dry Heat Therapy is easy to clean up after and simple to use.
Used for measuring applied force, Dynamometers are ideal for measuring progress in physical and occupational therapy. Fabrication Enterprises has many types of Dynamometers available, including pneumatic squeeze, hydraulic, and digital. They measure the strength of various body parts: hand, wrist, back, leg, and chest, and are sure to meet your evaluation needs.
Electrotherapy Equipment provides reliable relief of pain and muscle rehabilitation. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) Units offer relief from acute and chronic pain. EMS (Electrical Muscular Stimulator) Units can aid in muscle re-education and prevent atrophy by inducing muscle contractions. Fabrication Enterprises offers a wide range of Electrotherapy Devices, from portable battery-powered models to multi-channel professional units.
Exam Tables
Exam Tables by Fabrication Enterprises are useful in many different medical settings, such as doctors' offices and clinics, as well as in physical therapy centers and sports training facilities. Treatment Tables are available in several different configurations, including with adjustable backs and storage.
Exercise Balls
Exercise Balls are convenient and affordable exercise tools. Intended for general use, Exercise Balls work well with fitness centers, physical therapy and home use. Fabrication Enterprises offers a comprehensive selection of exercise and grip balls with different shapes and sizes.
Exercise Resistance Bands
Exercise Resistance Bands by Fabrication Enterprises are an economical solution to upper and lower body exercises. Lightweight and portable, Resistance Exercise Bands are perfect for exercise at home and while traveling. Various levels of color-coded resistance are available for progressing levels of therapy and training. Resistance Exercise Bands are effective when used alone or with handles or anchors.
Exercise Resistance Tubing
Exercise Resistance Tubing by Fabrication Enterprises is a convenient solution to upper and lower body workouts. Lightweight and portable, Exercise Resistance Tubing is perfect for exercise at home and while traveling. Various levels of color-coded resistance are available for progressing levels of therapy and training. Resistance Tubing is effective when used alone, with handles or anchors.
Exercise Stations
Exercise stations by Fabrication Enterprises are compact exercise solutions with small footprints. The Exercise wall stations are perfect for physical therapy clinics that want to get the most of a small space. Exercise Stations are ideal for exercising and conditioning the arms and upper body.
Eye Drop Aids
Eye Drop Aids by Fabrication Enterprises can help patients dispense eye drops easily and without waste. Eye Drop Guides can help keep the eye lid open while dispensing medication and bottle squeezers add extra grip and leverage for those with limited dexterity. Eye Drop Tools are convenient, reusable, and inexpensive.
Flexible Exercise
Flexible Exercise Bars by Fabrication can be used for low-impact upper body exercise and physical therapy. These Exercise Bars can be used to exercise the arm muscles by maintaining a consistent shaking motion and reduce the risk of injury associated with lifting weights.
Foam Rollers
Foam rollers by Fabrication Enterprises are perfect for positioning, balance, stabilization and many other physical therapy programs. Foam rolls are available in various lengths, diameters, and materials to fit your specific needs.
Gait Belts
Gait Belts by Fabrication Enterprises are ideal for long-term caregivers and therapists. The Transfer Belts provide secure hold for patients and are available with metal buckles or quick-release plastic buckles.
Gel and Lotion Bottle Warmers
Fabrication Enterprises offers a variety of Bottle Warmers, heating units that keep bottles of gel and lotion warm and comfortable to use. These Warmers are specially designed for massage gels and lotions, and ultrasound gels. They are ideal for physical therapy offices.
Fabrication Enterprises offers a variety of Goniometers, simple yet effective tools for measuring range of movement in patients. Different Goniometers measure ROM for different joints in the body, such as the finger, shoulders, hips, and knees. ROM Measurers are ideal for physical therapy and occupational therapy.
Gripping and Grasping Aids
Fabrication Enterprises offers Gripping and Grasping Aids to help make everyday tasks easier for those with limited use of their hands. These Gripping Aids are a convenient way to make your home more accessible.
Hand Strength Evaluation
Hand Strength Evaluation Sets provide accurate, quantifiable data needed for improving function through rehabilitation and physical therapy. Evaluation Sets include dynamometers, pinch gauges, goniometers, and other tools. Fabrication Enterprises offers Hand Evaluation Sets in multiple configurations and with 1, 2, or 3 year warranties to meet your specific needs.
Hand Therapy
Hand Therapy Products by Fabrication Enterprises are indispensable for treating hand disorders and injuries. QuickMedical carries these and many other physical therapy and occupational therapy products ideal for the office, clinic, or hospital environment.
Heart Rate Monitors
Heart Rate Monitors by Fabrication Enterprises are offered in wrist watch style, all with standard current heart rate functions and at least standard watch functions. Many have additional features designed to help the user achieve weight management and fitness goals.
Hook and Loop Fasteners
QuickMedical offers Hook and Loop Fasteners by Fabrication Enterprises in a wide variety including adhesive rolls, non adhesive rolls, elastic strips as well as tabs and straps. Available in several lengths and widths, Hook and Loop Fasteners are ideal for securing virtually any object.
Ice Massagers
QuickMedical offers a complete supply of Ice Massagers for pain relief and inflammation reduction. Portable and easy to use, Ice Massagers are convenient for acute injuries and chronic inflammation. Ice Massagers may be stored in a freezer indefinitely for readily available use.
Fabrication Enterprises Medical Inclinometers by Baseline are used for measuring and evaluating range of motion for joints. Ideal for tracking progress in physical therapy or sports training, you can count on accurate, easy to read measurements from QuickMedical's Inclinometers and chiropractic evaluation instruments.
Iontophoresis Systems
Iontophoresis Systems by Fabrication Enterprises include controllers, patches and electrodes in a variety of sizes and styles. These Iontophoresis Controllers are designed to be compact and offer the user a large degree of control, and patches and electrodes are designed for patient comfort.
Manual Muscle Testers
Fabrication Enterprises offers a wide variety of Manual Muscle Testers for your orthopedic and physical therapy evaluation needs. These Muscle Testers offer a reliable method of measuring peak force.
Massage Therapy
Fabrication Enterprises offers tables, machines, lotions, and headrest covers ideal for massage therapy. Portable massagers offer convenient pain relief for personal or professional use, and portable massage tables and headrest covers are perfect for massage therapists.
Mat Platform Tables
A wide selection of Fabrication Enterprises Mat Platform Tables for physical therapists are available from QuickMedical. From manual height adjustable to electric height adjustable tables are available to suit your needs.
Measuring Tape
Measuring Tape by Fabrication Enterprises is a simple yet effective tool for measuring the circumference of various parts of the body including joints, fingers, and wrists. This Medical Measuring Tape is both durable and affordable.
Medical Alarms
Medical Alarms by Fabrication Enterprises provide patients with security from wandering and falling. Fabrication offers Alimed Patient Alarm Systems that include pressure pads, seat belts, and pull cord alarms. These Patient Alarms provide safety to patients while remaining comfortable and discreet.
Medical Lighting
Fabrication Enterprises offers Medical Lighting for a range of uses. Ultraviolet, Infrared, and Vitamin D Lamps provide light therapy for individuals who don't receive enough sunlight or can't tolerate vitamin D supplements. Mobile, stationary, and table top models offer flexibility for use in a variety of environments.
Metronomes by Fabrication Enterprises are useful for keeping a consistent pace during physical therapy and exercise routines. Metronomes are compact and battery-powered, are available with either a digital or analog input.
Mobility Aids
Mobility Aids by Fabrication Enterprises provide convenient and secure assistance at home, on the go, or at hospitals and other facilities. Canes, crutches, walkers, rollators, and wheelchairs are available with a variety of options to meet patient needs.
Moist Heat Therapy
Moist Heat Therapy utilizes hotpacks in conjunction with Hydrocollator Steam Heating Units to provide pain relief. Moist Heat Packs and Covers are available in a range of shapes and sizes to fit any part of the body. Moist Heat Therapy solutions from Fabrication Enterprises are ideal for use in physical therapy and sports medicine.
Neurological Evaluation Tools
QuickMedical's Neurological Testing Devices are designed to meet all your needs for nerve testing, neurological evaluation, and reflex testing. Neurological Testing Devices include pinwheels, reflex hammers, monofilaments, and two-point discriminators.
Non Slip Material
QuickMedical offers a variety of Non-Slip Solutions by Fabrication Enterprises for everyday living such as placemats, jar openers, cup holders and non slip flooring. Non Slip Material is useful for several activities and tasks as well as improving the quality of life for individuals at higher risk for slips and falls. Non Slip Material is offered in a variety of pre cut applications as well as bulk rolls that may be cut for a custom fit.
Orthopedic Supports
Fabrication Enterprises provides a large number of different types of orthopedic supports available. There are Ankle Braces, Elbow Braces, Knee Supports and Thumb Splints. All of these offer safe and comfortable ways to support injured or sore parts of the body, and help them towards rehabilitation.
Pain Evaluation Algometers
Algonometers, also known as Dolorimeters, can objectively measure the pain threshold of an individual at a specific location on the body. Fabrication Enterprises offers Pain Threshold Meters available with either digital or analog readouts.
Paraffin Treatment
Paraffin Treatments by Fabrication Enterprises can be used simply for softening and soothing the skin, or to help patients suffering with pain associated with arthritis, strains, sprains, and joint stiffness. Equipment available includes heated bath units, as well as paraffin wax refills, scented and unscented, in blocks or beads.
Patient Positioners
Patient Positioners by Fabrication Enterprises are designed to hold patients in a variety of positions during treatment or while in a wheel chair. These Foam Patient Positioners feature water resistant coating, making them easy to keep clean.
Pedal Exercisers
Pedal Exercisers offer range of motion therapy and both leg and arm exercise in a small package. Fabrication Enterprises offers Pedal Exercisers with variable resistance levels and digital indicators to help you customize and track your routine.
Pediatric Activity Units
Pediatric Activity Units by Fabrication Enterprises are fun for children of all ability levels. These Pediatric Exercise Tools can be used for playtime activities that improve balance, coordination, and body awareness.
Pediatric Mobility
Pediatric Walkers, Rollers, and Gait Trainers are important tools for the development of children with disabilities. Fabrication Enterprises offers Pediatric Mobility Solutions to aid in the development of motor function and balance.
Pediatric Positioning
Pediatric Positioning Wedges, Standers, and Seating Systems provide stability and support for children lacking some degree of body control. Pediatric Positioning Systems by Fabrication Enterprises can be used to treat disorders relating to hip abduction and posture.
Pedometers by Fabrication Enterprises are portable electronic devices that count each step a person takes, or distance traveled, or both. Always popular with sports and fitness enthusiasts, they are now popular as an everyday exercise recorder and motivator.
Pill Accessories
QuickMedical offers a range of Pill Accessories for distribution, organization, and consumption of medications for the clinic, hospital, or individual. Whether it is to store, split, or crush your pills, Fabrication Enterprises has a solution to make handling your medicines easier.
Pinch Gauges
Pinch Gauges by Fabrication Enterprises are used to measure the strength of an individual's pinch, but there are also some models available that measure both finger flexion and extension. Finger Strength Gauges are a useful tool for physical therapists in measuring patient progress.
Powder Board Tables
Powder Board Tables by Fabrication Enterprises are useful tools designed for range of motion exercises in strength training. They are ideal for physical therapy and rehabilitation centers and can be used with exercise skates as a way of improving muscle rotation.
Pulse Oximeters
Fingertip Pulse Oximeters by Fabrication Enterprises provide fast readings of blood oxygen content and pulse rate, with a high degree of accuracy. These meters are small, conveniently portable and are useful in hospitals, clinics and any medical office.
Quadriceps Boards
Quadriceps Boards by Fabrication Enterprises are used for knee or arm support, allowing the joint to be fixed at a number of different angles. Quadriceps Boards can be used on the floor or on a platform table for patient positioning. These Quad Boards are highly adjustable and fold flat for convenience.
Range of Motion Exercisers
Fabrication Enterprises offers Range of Motion Exercisers and Manipulation and Dexterity Tests to evaluate and expand a patient's ability. Designed for the fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders, these Tests and Exercisers can improve both range of movement and eye-hand coordination.
Reachers by Fabrication Enterprises are ideal aids for any home. Reaching Aids can help improve independent living for those with disabilities or limited range of motion, but are also a handy tool for tight situations.
Refrigerators / Freezers, Physical Therapy
QuickMedical offers a supply of Medical Refrigerators and Medical Freezers for a variety of uses including storage and preparation of cold packs as well as storage of medical supplies with specific climate requirements. QuickMedical offers top loading units as well as front loading units in a variety of sizes and finishes.
Shampoo Basins
Shampoo basins by Fabrication Enterprises are an indispensable accessory for bathing those with extremely limited mobility. Rinse Basins are available as inflatable systems or with built-in reservoirs.
Shoulder Therapy
Shoulder Therapy Equipment by Fabrication Enterprises offers great ways to improve range of motion and stretch the shoulders. Available equipment includes Shoulder Ladders and Shoulder Wheels, ideal for physical therapy facilities or clinics.
Sit and Reach Boxes
Sit and reach boxes by Fabrication Enterprises provide an objective platform for measuring flexibility. The sit and reach trunk helps track progress in inches and centimeters using the Cooper Institute/YMCA, AAHPERD scales. The sit and reach test is ideal for physical therapy facilities and gymnasiums.
Sphygmomanometers by Fabrication Enterprises are specialized devices used to measure blood pressure. They are often used in conjunction with stethoscopes. They are well-suited for private practices and large hospitals, and they are available in portable, wall mount, and stand-mounted units.
Spirometers by Fabrication Enterprises are affordable tools for measuring lung capacity. Compatible with disposable mouth pieces, these Spirometers are ideal for screening large populations.
Fabrication Enterprises offers Stethoscopes available in a variety of styles, including nurses, dual head, and Sprague-Rappaport. These cost-effective Stethoscopes are acoustic medical devices used by professionals to listen to the internal sounds of the body. Stethoscopes are an important evaluation tool, and are available individually or by the case.
Stretching Equipment
Exercise stretching equipment by Fabrication Enterprises can improve flexibility and range of motion through convenient stretching exercises. These incline boards, straps, and other innovative Stretching Devices are simple to use, and promote correct movement to prevent injuries. Stretching Devices are available in various sizes and resistances to meet your needs.
Therapy Putty
Therapy Putty is a fun and easy way to improve hand and finger strength and is ideal for rehabilitation. Offering the popular Theraputty brand, Fabrication Enterprises carries scented, antimicrobial, glitter, and microwavable varieties.
Timers and Stopwatches
Timers and Stopwatches can help add consistency and objective measurement to your physical therapy and occupational therapy routines. These Timers and Stopwatches by Fabrication Enterprises are both cost effective and reliable.
Toothpaste Accessories
Toothpaste Squeezers by Fabrication Enterprises can help those with arthritis or limited use of their hands. Tube Squeezers are a simple but effective aid to daily living.
Topical Pain Relief
Fabrication Enterprises offers several different types of Topical Pain Relief. Both Hot and Cold Therapy is available to help with pain from backache, arthritis, sore muscles, and strains or sprains, among others. Some provide long-lasting relief, while others offer shorter term lightening of pain.
Transfer Boards and Transfer Turntables
Transfer Boards by Fabrication Enterprises are an ideal way to move patients with lower extremity difficulties across short distances, such as from a wheelchair to bed, chair, or toilet. Patient Transfer Devices are easy to store and convenient to use in physical therapy clinics, rehabilitation centers, extended care centers, and at home.
Ultrasound Gel
Ultrasound Gel and Lotion by Fabrication Enterprises provides an allergen-free medium for enhancing therapeutic or diagnostic ultrasound procedures. Ultrasound Gel is greaseless, non-staining, and water-soluble, making it ideal for nearly any patient. Conductive Ultrasound Gel is available in multiple sizes individually or by the case to meet your needs.
Ultrasound Therapy
Ultrasound Therapy provides deep tissue relief for muscle, tendon, and ligament strain while increasing blood flow to promote healing. Fabrication Enterprises offers therapeutic ultrasound units with multiple frequencies, applicator heads, and pulse modulation modes, as well as combination therapy systems that offer ultrasound and electrotherapy stimulations in one convenient unit.
Volumetric Measurement
Volumetric Measuring Devices by Fabrication Enterprises are ideal for measuring the size of various body parts, particularly in edema patients. Using the displacement of water for measurement, these Edema Gauges are simple yet reliable.
Weights, Exercise
Weights by Fabrication Enterprises are available in several different forms, including hand weights, cuff weights, exercise ball weights and pulley weights. All are useful in helping to develop muscle strength and coordination, and can be ideal for rehabilitation purposes.
Wheelchair Exercise Machines
Fabrication Enterprises offers wheelchair exercise machines that provide upper body exercise to those with limited mobility. These exercise systems help strengthen muscles in the arms, deltoids, and triceps, and feature sturdy steel construction.
Wheelchairs by Fabrication Enterprises provide convenient and secure patient transport in hospital, long-term care, and rehabilitation settings. Wheelchairs are available with a variety of options to fit patient needs.
Whirlpool Tables and Chairs
Whirlpool Chairs by Fabrication Enterprises provide comfort and ease for both patient and caregiver during hydrotherapy. The Chairs are designed to fit the contours of the whirlpool tank, and are available in both High-Boy and Low-Boy styles. All of the Chairs are height-adjustable. They are ideal for physical therapy and sports medicine.
Whirlpools are an important part of any physical therapy facility, and can be used to treat a variety of injuries. Fabrication Enterprises offers Hydrotherapy Whirlpools in various shapes and sizes, including mobile and stationary units.
Work Conditioning
Work Conditioning and Occupational Therapy products by Fabrication Enterprises involve a variety of items that are designed for assessment, functional capacity evaluation and work simulation. There are Work Conditioning Stations to assist in post-injury worker training, simulating everyday work motions and multiple job tasks in order to prepare the individual to return to work.
Work Tables
Work Tables by Fabrication Enterprises offer ideal platforms for physical therapy and upper body exercise. These hydraulic hi-lo tables feature butcher block style tops with compact circular bases, and are available in several different shapes and sizes.
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