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Gendron Bariatric Equipment

Gendron Bariatric Equipment

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Gendron develops, designs and manufactures bariatric patient care products including wheelchairs, stretchers, beds and commodes for acute care, long term care, home care and rehabilitation facilities. Founded in 1871, Gendron products are still proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

Bariatric Commodes
Bariatric Commodes by Gendron are ideal for nursing homes, long term care facilities, hospitals and home use. Bariatric Commodes, built for durability, are designed with a minimum capacity of 750 lbs.
Bariatric Hospital Beds
Bariatric Hospital Beds by Gendron are available in a variety of weight capacities to support your bariatric patients. Accessories can be added which allows bariatric patients to customize their hospital bed. Ideal for hospital, bariatric clinics, and home use.
Bariatric MRI Transport
Bariatric MRI Transport by Gendron features MRI safe equipment, including wheelchairs and stretchers, used to transfer patients into MRI suites safely. Bariatric MRI Transport Equipment is made from non-magnetic materials, designed specifically for use in and around MRI suites.
Bariatric Seating
Bariatric Seating by Gendron offers comfortable, high quality bariatric furniture perfect for waiting rooms and patient rooms in hospitals, clinics, rehab centers and surgery centers.
Bariatric Stretchers and Transport Chairs
Bariatric Stretchers and Transport Chairs by Gendron are perfect for transporting and transferring patients from one department to another in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities and surgery centers. MRI Safe Transport Equipment is also offered.
Bariatric Transfer Benches
Bariatric Transfer Benches by Gendron makes transferring patients from bed to chair a synch. Perfect for rehabilitation centers and long term care environments, QuickMedical offers everything you need for bariatric care.
Bariatric Trapeze
The Bariatric Trapeze by Gendron is perfect for patient transfers in long term care facilities, rehabilitation environments, hospitals and other medical care centers. The Bariatric Trapeze by Gendron is reliable and durable, built to withstand capacities of up to 850 lbs.
Bariatric Walkers
Bariatric Walkers by Gendron are quality walkers ideal for home use, rehab facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals. Bariatric Walkers by Gendron feature options like a foldable frame construction, adjustable legs, and wheel kits.
Bariatric Wheelchairs
Bariatric Wheelchairs by Gendron are perfect for transporting and transferring patients from room to room. Bariatric Wheelchairs by Gendron are built to last and offer a variety of options.
Shower Chairs
Shower Chairs by Gendron are an ideal piece of hygienic equipment for those with very limited mobility or for a healthcare center with larger bathing facilities. The Bariatric Bath Chairs are designed for the safety and comfort of both patient and care giver while promoting independence and hygiene with a high weight capacity.
Transport Stretchers
Making possible the quick and effective transfer of patients, QuickMedical features Transport Stretchers by Gendron. From bariatric stretchers to hydraulic stretchers to light stretchers, Gendron has high quality stretchers for hospitals and extended care clinics. Gendron Mobile Stretchers are designed for sturdiness as well as patient comfort.
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