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Grafco 1503 Patient ID Bracelets

Grafco 1503 Patient ID Bracelets

Patient Medical ID | Hospital Tags | Grafco 1503

1503 - Patient ID Bracelets

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Model 1503

Hospital Bracelets

500 per box

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Grafco Is Your Single Source for Medical-Surgical Needs

Grafco products offer healthcare facilities a single source for all their medical-surgical product needs. Grafco offers a full line of products from sundry jars to microscopes, personal care and medical, surgical and physician products.

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Grafco 1503 Patient ID Bracelets are made of white, opaque, textured vinyl and adjusts to fit wrist girths of 4 to 9 in, giving it a robust flexibility as well as tensile strength for a variety of patients. Patient Medical Tags by Grafco feature a crystal-clear card window, 1" x 2.5" WxL size for insert cards, which are included, making it ideal for patient identification in hospitals, clinics, or assisted living facilities.

Patient Identification Bracelets

  • Crystal-clear card window on band
  • Constructed of opaque textured vinyl
  • Adjusts to fit wrist circumferences of 4 to 9 in
  • Available in White
  • Includes insert cards, 1" x 2.5" WxL
Grafco 1503 Patient ID Bracelets

Grafco Patient ID Bracelets

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