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Grafco 3345 Urine Specimen Collection Bowls

Grafco 3345 Urine Specimen Collection Bowls

Urine Specimen Collection | Nuns Cap Specimen Containers | Grafco 3345

3345 - Nuns Cap Specimen Collection Bowl

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Model 3345

Specimen Bowls

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  • Latex Free

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Grafco 3345 Urine Specimen Collection Bowl fits standard toilets and commodes for easy collection, making it ideal for busy hospitals and clinics. Made from latex-free polypropylene, the Grafco Poly Specimen Collection Bowls feature a 1 liter capacity bowl. The Grafco Urine Specimen Container is graduated with large print volume calibration in both oz and cc, up to 32 oz or 1000 cc, for convenient and accurate measurement of urine output. The urine container is disposable and includes a pour spout for hygienic removal of contents.

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  • Made of latex-free polypropylene
  • Bold black measurements are easy to read
  • Graduated in oz and cc up to 32oz / 1000cc
  • Pouring lip makes waste disposal simple
  • 1 liter capacity
  • Compatible with standard commodes and toilets
  • Disposable
  • Ideal for busy hospitals and clinics
  • Sold by the case of 100
Grafco 3345 Urine Specimen Collection Bowls

Grafco 3345 - Graduated Specimen Collector

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