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Blood Pressure Rating Indicator, Page 1 of 3

Blood Pressure Rating Indicator, Page 1 of 3

Blood Pressure Monitor Pressure Rating Indicator

Many people have a tough time interpreting their blood pressure measurements taken from their home monitor. Is my measurement good or is it too high? LifeSource blood pressure monitors take the guesswork away and make it easy with the new Pressure Rating Indicator. This innovative feature gives a visual indication of your blood pressure classification at the end of each measurement.

There are four stages for blood pressure readings to fall in:

BP Classification Systolic Diastolic
Normal <120 and <80
Prehypertension 120-139 or 80-89
Stage 1 Hypertension 140-159 or 90-99
Stage 2 Hypertension >160 or >100

bpdot2.gifYour blood pressure is in the Normal range - That's good news for your health. Remember to keep track of your blood pressure and have it checked regularly. Your blood pressure can change with age and lifestyle changes, as well as with other medical conditions that you may undergo. It's also important to note that having blood pressure that is too low isn't normal either.

bpdot2.gifYour blood pressure is in the Prehypertension range - Your blood pressure is near normal, but you may want to talk to your healthcare professional about lifestyle changes you can make to lower it even more. Drug treatment is recommended when your blood pressure reaches 140/90 mm Hg, or 130/80 mm Hg if you have diabetes.

If you find you do have high blood pressure (140/90 mm Hg or higher), you should make a point of meeting with your healthcare professional.

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