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QuickMedical Equipment Leasing Program

QuickMedical Equipment Leasing Program

Brewer 6500 Access High Low Exam Table Tower AIC 2500 Medical Imaging Table

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What Are The Benefits of Leasing Medical Equipment?

Tax Advantages:

  • Most lease payments can be deducted from your corporate income.

Protects Business From Obsolesence:

  • A number end of lease options exist that give you the opportunity to return, renew or purchase the equipment.

Cash Conservation:

  • Leasing can provide 100% financing; large down payments may not be required.

Soft Costs Can Be Included:

  • It may be possible to include training, maintenance, and installation costs in the lease-finance agreement.

Leasing with QuickMedical is as easy as 1-2-3... add your needed medical equipment and supplies to your shopping cart at, then at check out select "Lease Option" as your payment method. A lease agent will contact you promptly to fill out the needed documents and to get your final approval. It's just that easy!

Technology changes and so do your needs. Purchasing is often the most cost-effective choice; however, when technology changes, purchasing replacement or new equipment can be expensive. Leasing is a smarter alternative.

A lease program allows you to obtain the latest in new technology and equipment and use it in a cost-effective manner until you no longer need it or wish to upgrade.

Leasing will help you be competitive in an ever changing market; no matter how fast new equipment becomes available, you're able to keep up. You may be able to expense your monthly rental payments rather than depreciating the equipment cost so you can order new equipment as you need it.

Our leasing representative will be happy to do a "lease versus buy" analysis for you... at no cost or obligation. Call a QuickMedical sales representative toll free at 1-888-345-4858.

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