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2009 European Hypertension Society, Milan

2009 European Hypertension Society, Milan

2009 European Hypertension Society, Milan

Field Report

Exhibit Hall

BpTRU, Omron, Microlife, Atcorp, Medexpert, and Welch Allyn had presence in the Exhibition Hall. Microlife unveiled its latest device, a unit that changes from a ‘home unit’ to an ‘ABPM’ by moving a switch. This unit was validated against a sphygmomanometer and the Spacelabs ABPM.

Both Atcorp and Medexpert have devices that take central pressure and pulse wave velocity. Atcorp is presently working with BpTRU at the Cleveland Clinic where the BpTRU is used to select patients who will require their device.

Many of the Hypertension experts at the conference were excited about having the ability to take ‘Central Pressure’.

Dr Ruilope, the Spanish Hypertension expert, informed representatives from BpTRU that he is ready to begin a small study in Spain that will introduce the BpTRU to the medical community. At present, the introduction of the device is pending translation of the product's manuals.

Takeda, the Japanese Pharmaceutical Company, wants to order fifty devices for a Spanish study that will launch their company into that market. Italy's leading experts, Dr Crippa and Dr Verdieccia, are both great supporters of the BpTRU.


Dr Myer’s presented his paper on the correlation between the BpTRU average reading and the day time ABPM readings. This is now being written into the new Hypertension Guidelines, which are being released in October 2009.

Dr Ronald Asmar, L’Institut Cardio Vasculaire, Paris, presented a paper which called for independent evaluation of devices and guidelines for taking BP readings, indicating that the present guidelines were not stringent enough to produce accurate readings.

Hypertension diagnosis is at the GP level; most don’t follow standards or work within the guidelines. Studies showed that there was no difference between countries.

The BpTRU is the highest rated device on The BpTRU in the only device that can be used on children over two, a fact that most doctors present were unaware of.

Prof. Bryan Williams, Professor of Medicine, University of Leicester and Honorary Consultant Physician, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, presented a paper regarding the current ESH guidelines on poorly defined treatment targets. This paper focused on treating Hypertension soon enough to prevent organ damage that can occur. The present focus is preventing events in older patients, but by lowering the level on intervention, damage in the young could be prevented.

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