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Olympic Medical Professional Medical Equipment

Olympic Medical Professional Medical Equipment


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Olympic Medical, a division of Natus, has been manufacturing professional medical equipment and supplies for over 40 years. Olympic Medical products are distributed throughout the world to hospitals, clinics, and doctors. Products include papoose boards, neonatal immobilizers, patient positioners, warmettes, and infant weighing solutions.

Restraint Boards
Restraint boards, or papoose boards by Olympic Medical are effective for securing the struggling infant, child, or adult for necessary examination or treatment. A rigid board with soft, canvas flaps hold the patient securely. Mulitple sizes and accessories are available.
Baby Scales
Tracking babies' growth is essential for health and well-being. From preemie to toddler to small children, QuickMedical has the perfect Olympic Medical scale to weigh them all. Our baby scales are ideal for the medical professional and hospital user.
Patient Positioners
Patient Positioners by Olympic Medical are ideal for providing ample, molded support in virtually any position while maintaining superior patient comfort. QuickMedical offers Olympic Patient Positioners in seven sizes.
Quality Phototherapy lights, or bili lights by Olympic Medical, used to treat infant jaundice, are offered by QuickMedical to hospitals for newborn care. Lights, stands, timers, replacement bulbs, and sensors are available to continue to meet your Phototherapy needs.
Warming Devices
Olympic Medical meets your pediatric warming needs. Warming lamps put gentle, radiant heat right where you need it keeping infants warm during exams and procedures. Warmettes keep blankets and solutions warm and close at hand and convenient.
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