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Parker Laboratories

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Established in 1958, Parker Labs is the world's leading producer of ultrasound and electromedical products. Parker's wide array of gels, lotions, creams, solutions, and accessories are available in many sizes and applications to meet every need. All of Parker Laboratories products are made in the USA, at the company offices in Fairfield, New Jersey.

Germicidal Cleaners
Germicidal Cleaners by Parker Labs are the ideal way to maintain sanitary conditions in medical exam rooms. In addition to cleaning exam tables, counters, and other hard surfaces, Parker Disinfectant Cleaners are highly useful for ultrasound facilities because they can be used on sensitive equipment, such as transducers. Parker Cleaning Solutions are available in sprays or wipes, and are made in the USA.
Ultrasound Gel
Parker Laboratories' line of Ultrasound Gel products offers a wide variety of ways to achieve a conductive surface for the clearest possible sonogram for hospitals and clinics. Available in a variety of ultrasound transmission pads, lotions, and gels in various sizes, Parker Labs covers all your diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound procedural needs.
Ultrasound Probe Covers
Probe Covers by Parker Labs are designed to fit most endocavity ultrasound probes and transducers. The Transducer Covers are sold by the box and case and are pre-filled with ultrasound gel, Stock up today.
Lubricating Gel
Water-soluble Lubricating Gels by Parker Laboratories are hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic, making them the perfect choice for non-sterile medical procedures in hospitals or clinics that require lubricant. Compatible with organic and synthetic materials, these water-based Gel Lubricants are sold in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.
Hard Surface Cleaners
Hard Surface Cleaners by Parker Labs are specially suited to cleaning the surfaces of sensitive ultrasound equipment and exam furniture. Parker Cleaners are designed to maintain a clean and hygienic room for hospitals, ultrasound facilities, or medical clinics. Packaged in spray bottles, Equipment Cleaning Solutions are proudly made in the USA.
Electrode Prep
Parker Laboratories' line of hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic Electromedical Preparation Products ensures a conductive connection between electrodes and the skin, transmitting electrical impulses clearly for ECG, TENS, muscle stimulation, or other procedures. Electrode Preparations are available for hospitals, electrotherapy clinics, or other medical facilities in a variety of applications, from gels to creams, for optimal conductivity.
Gel Warmers
Parker Laboratories' Gel Warmers keeps your ultrasound gel and lotion at a constant body temperature for optimal comfort. Available in single or three-bottle warmers, Parker Gel Warmers have a low electrical demand for a greener hospital, clinic, or health facility.
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