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PDI Surface Cleaner, Hand Hygiene, Skin Antiseptics

PDI Surface Cleaner, Hand Hygiene, Skin Antiseptics


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PDI professional disposables help you live a healthier life with clinically proven products that safely clean, disinfect and control disease infection. PDI disposables include alcohol prep pads, swabs, Sani Cloth and Sani Hands wipes, and towelettes.

Alcohol Wipes
PDI's Alcohol wipes, antiseptic prep pads for the skin, are a must for the physician's office, medical clinic, and hospital. These are available in two convenient sizes. Stock up on these popular, affordable disposables from QuickMedical.
Baby Wipes
For gentle care and cleaning of baby's sensitive skin, QuickMedical offers alcohol free, hypoallergenic baby wipes by PDI. To suit the home user or medical professional, these wipes are available in tubs and canisters.
Benzalkonium Chloride Towelettes
Crepe towelettes saturated with benzalkonium chloride (BZK) by PDI are an ideal antiseptic wipe for perineal and maternity care, as well as clean and catch kits. Stock up on these popular, affordable disposables from QuickMedical.
Castile Soap Wipes
A pH balanced gentle cleansing agent frequently used for surgery prep, clean-catch urine procedures, and other cleansing of delicate tissues. Stock up today on these affordable Castile Soap Wipes by PDI at QuickMedical today!
Disposable Washcloths
Premoistened disposable washcloths by PDI are ideal for personal care and incontinence needs, especially when soap and water bathing is not feasible. Wipes are alcohol free. Stock up today on these popular, affordable disposables from QuickMedical.
Eye Glass Cleaning Wipes
Eye glass cleaning wipes by PDI are the ideal cleaning solution for dirty eye glasses and other optics. PDI offers high quality, affordable Eye Glass Cleaning Wipes available by the box or case.
Germicidal Wipes
Control the threat of cross-contamination with disposable, germical wipes by PDI. Wipes are ready to use killing bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces. Ideal for the hospital, clinic, health club, spa or any place risk of contamination exists.
Hand Wipes
Great for general clean-up when soap and water washing is not available, moist towelette hand wipes by PDI are packaged in individual packets, pop-up canister, and in case quantities. Stock up today on these popular, affordable disposables at QuickMedical.
Iodine Remover Pads
Iodine remover pads by PDI remove iodine stains from skin and clothing, quickly dissolving residual iodine color more completely than alcohol. Iodine Remover Pads are ideal for hospitals, clincs and labs.
Lubricating Gel
Sterile medical lubricating gel by PDI is packaged for single use and perfect for routine medical procedures. PDI sterile exam gel and most PDI medical supplies are sold by the box or case.
Needleless Connector Swabs
Needleless Connector Swabs by PDI are designed, tested, and FDA approved for use on access sites such as catheter hubs and needleless injection ports. The Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Isopropyl Alcohol formula provides fast and efficient disinfection to reduce the risk of catheter-related sepsis and comply with the CDC Scrub-the-Hub Protocol.
Oral Swabsticks
PDI oral swabsticks provide lubrication by stimulating saliva glands. PDI oral swabsticks come in two flavors, lemon and black current. Oral swabs by PDI are soothing for patients with dry mouth or restricted oral intake.
Perineal Care
Proper perineal care is especially important for incontinent patients or after surgery care. Personal cleansing products by PDI are provided for perineal care of both the male and female patient.
Protective Wipes
Protective wipes are designed for improved patient care. The individually packaged wipes provide an effective barrier between patient's skin and any manner of tapes, dressings, appliances, and adhesives. The ingredients in the quick-drying wipe are non-irritating to intact skin. This is a latex free product. Purchase today at QuickMedical by the box or case.
Saline Wipes
Saline wipes by PDI allow safe and gentle cleansing, eliminating cross contamination. PDI saline wipes are ideal for post operative eye care at the hospital and at home.
Sani Cloth Wipes
PDI brand Sani Cloth wipes set the standard for germicidal hard surface cleaners. Pop up wipes are saturated with disinfecting cleaner effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Available in your choice of alcohol content, or alcohol free.
Skin Prep Pads
Skin prep prior to procedure or injection is crucial for effective contamination control. PDI disposable skin prep pads are clinically proven to control infection. PDI skin prep pads are available individually packaged for convenience.
Skin Prep Swabs
Skin prep prior to procedure or injection is crucial for effective contamination control. PDI disposable skin prep swabs are clinically proven to control infection. PDI skin prep swabs are packaged for convenience.
Surgical Scrub Swabs
Surgical skin prep by PDI is key to avoiding postoperative wound infection. PDI surgical scrub swabs saturated with povidone iodine (PVP) solution are the standard choice of medical professionals for effective cleansing.
Tape Remover
Adhesive tape remover by PDI leaves skin free of residue from medical and surgical taping or electrodes. These PDI non-irritating disposable wipes reduce patient discomfort and are ideal for removing tape in exam rooms, clinics, or hospitals.
Tincture of Benzoin Swabs
Tincture of benzoin swabs by PDI aid in good adhesion of tapes and protect skin from adhesives. These PDI swabs are saturated with benzoin tincture U.S.P. and 77 percent alcohol.
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