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Pedia Pals CliniKit 600100 Pediatric Exam Kit

Pedia Pals CliniKit 600100 Pediatric Exam Kit

Pediatric Exam Kit | Pediatric Exam Tools | Pedia Pals CliniKit 600100

600100 Pediatric Clinic Starter Kit

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Model 600100

Pediatricians Exam Kit

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Creating a fun and comfortable environment for children is essential for a pleasant and productive doctors office visit. Pedia Pals has kid-friendly Exam Kits including important diagnostic tools and instrument accessories. The 600100 CliniKit Starter Pack includes a selection of Pedia Pals' most popular items for the pediatric office.

The 600100 Pediatric Kit inludes an infant- and a child-sized sphygmomanometer, a reflex hammer, two bulb syringes, ten head circumference measuring tapes, and a penlight for diagnostic examination purposes. The kit also includes a stethoscope cover, a diagnostic otoscope attachment and 1000 disposable tips, five ID card holders, and three stethoscope ID tags. See FEATURES Tab for more details.

The Pedia Pals CliniKit is proudly made in the USA.

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PediaPals professional medical equipment, supplies and accessories are designed to put children at ease when visiting the doctor. PediaPals offers kid friendly products such as otoscope covers, stethoscope accessories, animal exam tables, themed wall decals and the Benjamin the Bear Blood Pressure Monitor (pictured below).

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Pediatrician's Starter Kit Includes:

  • 2 Benjamin Bear blood pressure kits: 1 Infant, 1 Child
  • 1 Tiger or Lion stethoscope cover (stethoscope not included)
  • 1 Jamaal Giraffe reflex hammer
  • 4 Elly Elephant Nasal Syringes: 2 Pink, 2 Blue
  • 1 Elly Elephant diagnostic otoscope attachment (otoscope not included)
  • 1000 disposable otoscope tips: 500 - 2.5mm, 500 - 4.0mm
  • 10 head circumference measuring tapes
  • 5 Retractamals ID holders: Elephant, Chimp, Panda, White Cat, Dalmatian
  • 3 stethoscope ID tags: Elephant, Chimp, Mouse
  • 1 frog pen light
  • 1 Pedia Pals duffle bag
  • Proudly made in the USA
Pedia Pals CliniKit 600100 Pediatric Exam Kit

Pedia Pals Starter Kit

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