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QM1245 (SMM133) Baby Measure Mat Infantometer

QM1245 (SMM133) Baby Measure Mat Infantometer

Baby Measuring Mat | Infantometer | QuickMedical QM1245 (SM133)

QM1245 Infant Measuring Mat

Model QM1245

Pediatric Measure Mat

45 in Length

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  • Latex Free

QuickMedical Baby Measure Mat

QuickMedical's Infant Measuring Mat is designed with the features healthcare professionals want and need, while keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the child. The QM1245 is easily portable for work in the field and for storage.

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Includes FREE! QM2000 Circumference Measuring Tape - A $10 value

The QM1245 (SMM133) Baby Measure Mat Infantometer is a convenient, easy-to-use device for measuring the recumbent lengths of infants and toddlers. The process is quick and comfortable for the infant, consisting simply of placing the baby on the Infantometer and folding the lower portion so that the foot board touches the infant's feet. Detailed instructions are printed directly on the mat. Unlike rigid rods or boards, the Recumbent Measuring Mat is light and rolls up for easy transport.

Measurements are clearly readable, thanks to the bold markings on the Baby Measure Mat. The QM1245 can measure infants up to 45 inches long and has markings every 0.125 inches and 0.5 cm for accuracy. If desired, paper or liners can be used during the measurement process for hygiene - only the infant's feet need to be placed directly on the mat. The Infant Measuring Mat is designed for safety and comfort, with soft, flexible, latex-free PVC material and rounded corners and edges on the head and foot boards. The Recumbent Measure Mat can be sanitized after each use with non-alcohol-based cleaners.

The QM1245 can be used anywhere that pediatric measurements need to be taken. Accurate enough for use in hospitals and medical offices, the Baby Mat is also ideal for fieldwork. The Infantometer's ease of use, low price, and lightweight portability make it especially useful in developing countries where measuring, recording, and monitoring growth patterns is vital to measuring health and nutrition. The Baby Length Measure is proudly made in the USA.

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Pediatric Measuring Mat

  • Quick and easy recumbent length measurements
  • Easy to read measurements with bold markings
  • Soft, flexible mat with rounded corners on head and foot board
  • Instructions printed directly on mat
  • Suitable length for infants and toddlers
  • Aids in tracking infant growth and overall wellness
  • Able to be used with liner or paper for sanitation
  • Rolls up for portability or storage, making it ideal for fieldwork
  • Latex-free
  • Easy to clean with non-alcohol-based cleaner
  • Proudly made in USA
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