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SR Scales Precision Weighing Scales

SR Scales Precision Weighing Scales


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SR Scales is a leader in the industry for the development of highly specialized, precision scales. SR Scales offers a complete line of scales from pediatric to bariatric, as well as advanced precision scales for the veterinary and zoological community.

Baby Scale Carts
Bring the scale to the baby! QuickMedical's line of wheeled Baby Scale Carts by SR Scales, in stainless steel, easily accommodate most table-top scales, and can be used in the OR. Great for hospital use or wherever mobility is a must.
Baby Scales
Tracking babies' growth is essential for health and well-being. From preemie to toddler to small children, QuickMedical has the perfect SR scale to weigh them all. Our baby scales are ideal for both the medical professional and the at home user.
Diaper Scales
When monitoring infant's output is important, the diaper scale can assist in measurement. These scales are small, accurate, and very affordable. For use by the hospital, nurse, or home user. Also see QuickMedical's full line of baby scales.
Handrail Scales
Handrail Scales by SR Scales are a great choice for patients needing extra support during weighing. Nurses and physicians will like the elevated display. These high capacity stand on scales are ideal for nursing care, hospital, and research.
High Capacity Scales
When you are looking for high capacity scales, look to QuickMedical. We have an unsurpassed variety of scales by SR Scales accommodating weight of 450 pounds or more. Medical professionals prefer these scales which can measure weight for all their patients.
In Floor Scales
In Floor Scales by SR Scales are designed to be mounted to achieve a flush surface for wheelchair and stand on patient weighing. This system features an over-sized platform and extra high capacity. See all of QuickMedical's professional medical scales.
Kitchen Scales
Whatever your food weighing needs, whether in the restaurant, food service or processing industry, or home user calculating calories, SR Scales has a diet and kitchen scale perfect for you. See our full line of weighing scales.
Patient Lift Scales
'Patient Lift Scales by SR Scales fit under the patient beds and converting the beds to weighting beds . See our full line of professional medical weighing and measuring products from QuickMedical.
Platform Scales
At QuickMedical you'll find Platform Scales by SR Scales to meet your needs. Typically Platform Scales have a remote display which allows easy viewing, and also can be desk or wall mounted. Many kinds of Platform Scales by SR Scales are available to fit your budget.
Veterinary Scales
Veterinary, or animal scales are scales that can be used to weigh pets, wildlife, and stock in the clinical or field setting. From small to large, even marine animals can be weighed accurately with SR scales without fear of harming either the animal or the scale.
Wheelchair Scales
QuickMedical, specializing in weighing and measuring, has an unsurpassed selection of quality Wheelchair Scales by SR Scales. Many of these featured also function as muli-purpose scales accommodating nearly all patients. Ideal for clinics and hospitals and nursing care.
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