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Stanbio RELY™ 6200-020 Rapid Mono Test

Stanbio RELY™ 6200-020 Rapid Mono Test

Mono Rapid Test | Mononucleosis Blood Test | Stanbio RELY 6200-020

Mono Rapid Test

Model 6200-020

Mono Rapid Tests

Box of 20

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  • Clia Waived

Stanbio Laboratory

Stanbio Laboratory is committed to manufacturing high quality clinical in vitro diagnostic products with an unmatched level of service and support. Products include CLIA-waived tests for pregnancy, infectious disease screenings, and more.

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Stanbio RELY™ 6200-020 Rapid Mono Test offers quick and reliable detection of Mononucleosis using either whole blood, serum, or plasma. The rapid results allow for immediate therapy to ease discomfort and shorten patient's wait time, as well as minimize the use of unnecessary antibiotics and help reduce the risk of infecting others. The RELY™ Mono Test features enhanced sensitivity of 98% and specificity of >99%, making it a reliable test for the presence of Infectious Mononucleosis (IM) Heterophile Antibodies.

Simple and easy to use, the RELY™ Mono Rapid Test is CLIA waived for whole blood specimens, requiring minimal training to perform. The two step test provides accurate results in 5 minutes with the flexibility of multiple sample types. The Stanbio Infectious Mononucleosis Test features room temperature storage and extended dating, making it cost effective and convenient for any clinic or lab.

The 6200-020 RELY™ Test includes test cassettes, disposable pipettes, disposable heparinized capillary tubes and dispensing bulb, positive and negative controls, buffer solution, procedure card, and instructions for use. Stanbio 6200-020 Mono Tests are sold in boxes of 20 tests.

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Rapid Mononucleosis Test

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  • Flexibility to test whole blood, serum, or plasma
  • Rapid results in 5 mins
  • Early diagnosis reduces risk of developing more serious illness or infecting others
  • Room temperature storage
  • Long shelf life
  • CLIA-waived for whole blood
  • Box of 20 tests

RELY Mono Test Package Includes

  • Test cassettes
  • Disposable pipettes
  • Disposable heparinized capillary tubes
  • Dispensing bulb
  • Positive and Negative external controls
  • Buffer solution
  • Procedure card
  • Instructions
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