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Stanbio Laboratory Clinical Diagnostics Products

Stanbio Laboratory Clinical Diagnostics Products


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The world's source for clinical diagnostics, Stanbio Laboratory has been developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality clinical diagnostic products in the U.S. since 1960. Stanbio offers testing for hemoglobin, Strep A, colorectal cancer screening, as well as pregnancy testing.

C-Reactive Protein Tests
For detection of inflammation and post-op infections, Stanbio offers the RaPET C-Reactive Protein test. Get fast results in 2 minutes with Stanbio's simple and easy dilution free tests. With each CRP test including positive and negative controls, healthcare professionals can be assured of their accuracy.
Colorectal Cancer Tests
For early detection and screening for colorectal cancer, Stanbio offers CLIA waived, easy to use tests for home and professional use to identify hemoglobin in samples. Tests are available packaged in 10 and 30 for home use, and 100 for professional use.
H. pylori Tests
For an aid in the diagnosis of H Pylori infection in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms, Stanbio offers the RELY H pylori Rapid test. Simple and easy to use, the CLIA waived early detection test gives results in 10 minutes using a whole blood sample.
Hemoglobin Testing
Hemoglobin Testing is an integral part of health evaluation as part of general blood screening. Hemoglobin Testing by Stanbio from QuickMedical requires a single drop of blood, for fast, accurate results. Our hemoglobin meters are ideal for the medical professional.
Mono Tests
Early detection mononucleosis is imperative for proper treatment. Medical professionals choose Stanbio's CLIA waived, quick and reliable mono test for their in clinic testing needs. Everything necessary to perform blood sample testing is included.
Pregnancy Test
Stanbio's pregnancy tests available at QuickMedical are fast, accurate and simple to use, with results in as little at 10 seconds. Test either blood or urine with 99% accuracy.Ideal for clinics, hospitals, and doctor's offices. These tests are CLIA waived.
Rheumatoid Factor Tests
For the most accurate arthritis tests available, try Stanbio's Rheumatoid Factor test. In just 2 minutes it can provide you with a clear positive or negative reading for any type of autoimmune disorder. With no need to pre-dilute these RF tests, and with a short wait time, these serology tests are perfect for the busy healthcare professional.
Strep A Test
Strep A Tests by Stanbio detect many tough cases others might miss since fewer colonies are required to yield a positive result. These Strep A Tests are easy to use and provide fast accurate results. Check out all QuickMedical's testing supplies today!
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