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Founded in 1956, UMF Medical is a leading manufacturer of exam tables and equipment, each product is built to promote excellence, efficiency, and service in the delivery of healthcare services. QuickMedical offers UMF Medical exam tables, stools, side chairs, narcotic cabinets, and many more. UMF Medical products are all proudly made in the USA.

Bariatric Exam Tables
UMF's Bariatric Exam Tables have 375 - 800 lb weight capacities and feature built-in step stools. The power-assisted backs of the UMF Exam Tables prevent injuries to patients and caregivers alike by allowing the backs to recline without undue exertion.
Bassinet Carts
UMF's Bassinet Carts are sturdy stainless steel, ensuring the safety and stability of the infants inside. All UMF Hospital Bassinet Carts have four casters for mobility and include a plastic bassinet and mattress. Medical Bassinets are an essential part of any hospitals neonatal unit.
ENT Chairs
ENT Chairs by UMF Medical are comfortable and versatile medical chairs that can be used for a variety of examinations. ENT specialists especially will appreciate the reclining backrest, 360-degree rotation, and height adjustment features. ENT Exam Chairs are available in an array of UMF's signature color choices.
Exam Room Cabinets
UMF's range of Exam Room Cabinets are made of steel and are available in attractive colored and textured finishes. QuickMedical is proud to bring you a broad selection of UMF Medical Cabinets, including wall-mounted cabinets, stand alone cabinets, and modular cabinets. Treatment Cabinets are designed to last for years of use in exam rooms, hospitals, medical offices, and clinics.
Free Standing Treatment Cabinets
UMF Treatment Cabinets are large free-standing units, ideal for exam rooms, hospitals, and medical clinics. Free Standing Cabinets are constructed from strong, durable steel with your choice of color laminate. Each UMF Medical Cabinet has an array of doors, drawers, and shelves to store all your medical supplies and equipment.
Instrument Stands
UMF's Instrument Stands are an important part of any operating room, with flat side bases that easily fit under Operating Room tables. Mayo Stands by UMF are available in different sizes and are adjustable by height to suit multiple surgeries and operations. The Stainless Steel Instrument Stands are crafted for durability and given a clean, mirror-polished finish.
IV Poles
UMF Medical manufactures high-quality IV Poles for use in hospitals or medical centers. These IV Stands have mobile bases, making them easy to transport from room to room or bed to bed. Stainless Steel IV Poles by UMF are contructed of stainless steel to keep up with the sanitation and infection standards of your medical facility.
Kick Buckets
UMF's Stainless Steel Kick Buckets are designed for convenient and sanitary use in hospitals, surgical centers, and laboratories. The non-tip base and rubber bumpers allow UMF Kick Buckets to be easily moved by the foot without danger of spilling. Use Kick Buckets for cleanup, waste disposal, transport, or drainage.
Lab Stools
Lab Stools by UMF are dependable, quality products, perfect for work in medical laboratories or clinical settings. The stainless steel construction of the Laboratory Stools will resist stains, spills, splashes, and marks. UMF Steel Stools have a recessed seat of non-slip material that promotes safety.
Medical Exam Tables
UMF Medical's Exam Tables are designed with all the demands of the modern exam room or clinic in mind. A high weight capacity on all models ensures that most patients can use the UMF Tables safely and comfortably. The Medical Exam Tables offers an expansive range of features - including side stools, drawers, assisted seats, and stirrups - that are suited to all uses and applications.
Medical Instrument Tables
QuickMedical proudly carries UMF's full line of Stainless Steel Instrument Tables. Simple enough to be useful in nearly any kind of facility, Instrument Tables are strong and durable for years of use. There are many sizes and styles of Surgical Instrument Tables available, making it easy to select the one you need.
Medical Treatment Tables
Treatment Tables are simple and effective - the perfect piece of furniture for your clinic or medical office. UMF's Treatment Tables are constructed of steel and vacuum-formed upholstery, making them durable, comfortable, and easy to clean and maintain. H Brace Tables by UMF have a variety of options in upholstery and configuration.
Narcotics Cabinets
UMF Medical's Narcotics Cabinets are second to none in offering secure storage for narcotics and medicine. UMF provides choices in the size and security of their Narcotics Lockers, including double locks and double doors for higher risk facilities. Made of steel, UMF Medicine Safes can be ordered in over a dozen colors to present a more attractive image.
Pediatric Scale Tables
Designed for comfort and ease of examination, Pediatric Tables by UMF are soft enough for even the youngest of children. Pediatric Exam Tables include scales and measuring devices to gather the necessary information for a pediatric exam. The steel construction of the Pediatric Scale Tables ensures their durability and longevity over long periods of heavy use.
Pneumatic Stools and Chairs
Offering more convenience than spin lift stools, UMF's Pneumatic Stools are constructed to meet the rigorous demands of the exam room. Pneumatic Stools by UMF are made with quality materials such as Naugahyde vinyl. All UMF Pneumatic Stools and Chairs come in a selection of colors, allowing you to match them to your facility's look.
Power Exam Tables
UMF Medical brings you a range of Powered Exam Tables designed to protect both patients and medical professionals from the injuries that occur with non-powered tables. Power Tables do the work for you with automatic adjustments to the back and feet. Available in many styles and colors, there is a UMF Power Exam Table for nearly any facility or situation.
Side Chairs
UMF's selection of Side Chairs play an important support role in hospitals, medical offices, and clinics. Economic in design, UMF Waiting Room Chairs ship unassembled to help save on shipping costs, but can be assembled quickly with just a screwdriver. Constructed of steel, Naugahyde vinyl, and high density foam, UMF Side Chairs make for very comfortable seating.
Spin Lift Stools
Whether you are looking for padded spin lift stools for your exam room or durable stainless steel stools for the lab, UMF has the products you need. UMF Spin Lift Stools are available with a range of sizes and styles, including with or without backrests. Medical Stools by UMF are designed with high quality and longevity foremost in mind.
Stainless Steel Medical Supply Cabinets
The perfect solution for the storage of medical equipment or surgical instruments comes to you from UMF Medical: Stainless Steel Supply Cabinets. These tall Supply Cabinets are easy to maintain and clean, and are suitable for most disinfectant chemicals. Glass doors make it easy to see exactly what is stored inside, even at a quick glance.
Step Stools
Get a leg up with UMF's selection of stainless steel, non-slip Step Stools. Stainless Steel Step Stools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you the ability to pick the one that is perfect for your facility. UMF Step Stools are perfect for medical professionals needing to reach a high cabinet or for patients who need a little help climbing onto an exam table.
Trash Cans
UMF's Trash Cans are durable, utilitarian, and useful in nearly any setting. Available in several sizes and colors, all UMF Waste Receptacles are made of tough steel. Waste Cans have self-closing lids, foot pedals, and a set of bio hazard and infectious waste stickers to help maintain the sanitation standards of your facility.
Utility Carts
Utility Carts are convenient for hospitals, clinics, and labs, as they allow personnel to have the supplies and instruments they need ready and on hand. UMF's Stainless Steel Carts are a great way to meet this need with durable, easy-to-maintain products. UMF Steel Utility Carts have multiple shelves to store all your medical neccessities.
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