ActiveWrap Elbow Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps

Elbow Compress Support
Elbow Compress Support
ActiveWrap, Inc bawe16 Elbow Compress Support
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  • Latex Free
  • Extra Large size
  • Small/Medium size
  • Fits 16+ in Arm
  • Fits 10 - 16 in Arm
  • Maximum flex and mobility when wearing
  • Designed for Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, Tendonitis / Bursitis, Arthritis
  • Delivers targeted relief for areas of the elbow
  • Packs always stay soft and flexible
  • No coolers, no chemicals, and no rock hard freezing substitutes
  • Injection mold hook and loop secures and positions heat and ice pack where needed
  • Microwave and Freezer safe
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Delivers an ultra soft feel inside and out with lycra trim lining
  • Latex Free, Washable, and Reusable
Kit Includes
  • ActiveWrap Elbow Compress Support Wrap
  • Two reusable 4.5" x 6.5" heat and ice packs
  • Nylon drawstring storage bag
More Details

The ActiveWrap Elbow Hot Cold Therapy Supports are compress elbow wraps with two specially formulated thermal pads that can be assembled and secured in any configuration inside of the wrap. Elbow Ice Wraps are designed to treat Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, Bursitis, Tendonitis and Arthritis. ActiveWrap Elbow Compress Supports feature injection molded hook and loop technology to secure and position thermal support packs exactly where needed. ActiveWrap therapy packs remain soft and flexible when frozen so they mold comfortably in place. Active medical plush material with smooth lycra lining delivers an ultra soft texture for comfort and easy application. ActiveWrap's superior quality Elbow Compress Supports are designed in conjunction with orthopedic physicians, physical therapists and backed by top coaches and athletes around the world.

The ActiveWrap Elbow Therapy System offers total comfort for with sizing for maximum flex and mobility. The Universal Elbow Wrap fits the average adult. The Small/Medium Wrap fits individuals with an arm circumference between 10 and 16 inches and the Extra Large Wrap fits arms with a circumference of 16 inches or more.

Two reusable hot and cold packs are included with the Elbow Support Wrap and can be secured anywhere you need it. ActiveWrap Elbow Thermal Supports are designed to be compatible with ActiveWrap small recharge heat and ice packs, providing optimal versatility and value for any athlete or patient. ActiveWrap Heat and Ice Packs are specially formulated of non-toxic gelatinous thermal material, preventing the gel from pushing away from the injured site under pressure. ActiveWrap Gel Packs are sealed in sturdy 8.5 mil PE/Nylon coverings and packaged in washable nylon protective pouches. Simply chill the packs in a freezer or microwave them for soothing heat therapy. Continuous no-mess cold treatments are readily available by rotating the packs in and out of the wrap as needed. ActiveWrap's hot and cold packs also provide interval contrast heat and cold treatments, which are effective in the post-acute phase of injury. Use ActiveWrap Elbow Wraps without thermal inserts to increase circulation and warmth for hours of natural heat retention.

The ActiveWrap Elbow Compress Support treatment system includes an ActiveWrap medical plush support wrap, two reusable 4.5" x 6.5" hot/cold packs and a drawstring storage pouch.

See accessories below to add an additional set of heat and ice packs to complement your wrap. Keep a set at room temperature for immediate heat use and store another pair in the freezer for quick cold applications.

Arm Size 10 to 16" 16" or larger Please select product options before viewing spec
Gel Pack Covering Thickness 8.5 mil
Gel Pack Dimensions 4.5" x 6.5" LxW
Gel Pack Material PE/Nylon wih Thermal Gel
1 Year Warranty

The manufacturer warrants that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship. Repair or replacement will be issued for any product which is found defective under the terms of this warranty. QuickMedical will assist with warranty issues within 30 days of product delivery. After that time, the product's manufacturer must be contacted directly to address all warranty issues.

30 Day Return Policy

This product has a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply call QuickMedical Customer Service at 425-222-5963 for a return authorization number and instruction on where to ship the return. All returns must be authorized and in original packaging.

Can I walk with my ActiveWrap Foot Wrap?

YES; around the house. Simply remove the pouch underneath the arch and you have full flexibility of movement during treatment for Ankle, Achilles or injuries to the top side of the foot. Our knee/leg wrap also allows freedom of basic movement without slipping but is not designed for use during a workout.

How long do the ice packs stay cold?

ActiveWrap packs are designed to keep the optimally desired cold at the foot (between 40 to 50 degrees) for over 20 minutes when applied. This is a built in safety component of our ice packs. The standard recommended treatment time is 15 minutes. Ice packs claiming to stay cold for several hours at a time are generally chemical based and reach temperatures that can be harmful to the skin and underlying tissue. Remember a colder pack does not mean a quicker recovery.

What is the difference with your ice packs compared to basic drugstore ice packs?

ActiveWrap ice packs are uniquely manufactured to prevent "gel migration." This means that our gel material is elastic or rubbery by nature and can not be pushed or flattened from one side to the other. If you imagine a tube of toothpaste being pushed from the bottom up, this is how traditional gel packs have reacted under pressure. ActiveWrap ice packs deliver a uniform blanketing treatment when used for both heat and or ice therapy. No bare spots...a big difference.

How do I clean my wrap?

A simple fresh water rinse and hang dry will keep your wrap clean for years to come. It is also recommended to keep your hook and loop material clean for maximum holding capacity.

I use ice cubes and an elastic wrap in the gym; Why should we use ActiveWrap?

Why did we switch from horse drawn carriages to automobiles? Modern materials and efficiency. Ice is often hard and sharp resulting in discomfort when compressed against the skin. This leads to an individual having to reduce the pressure of wrapping the joint to tolerate a typical treatment. The ActiveWrap allows for a snug fit combining maximum compression and direct cold coverage to any painful area. ActiveWrap is easy to apply for any age athlete and will save your facility money in the long term with countless re-usable applications. Ice bags tear and cost money along with the elastic wraps or plastic that is used to secure the ice to the body. Gym facilities will further reduce the chance of dripping water on the floor reducing liability risks within the gym by using ActiveWrap. Tips for using hot and cold therapy Dont wait for an injury to incorporate ice into your training routine. Prevent overuse and typical inflammatory injuries by icing down after each workout for 15 minutes. Your cool down phase of training is just as important as a proper warm up. Do not sleep with an ice pack on your body. Cold therapy and use of ActiveWrap should be no longer than 15 minutes at a time. Do not lay directly as to apply your body weight on an ice pack. Ice during travel by keeping an ice pack or two at the gym and a couple at home. Most gymnastic facilities will provide freezer storage where you can place your handy black ice packs in your ActiveWrap drawstring carry pouch equipped with your name. This will save hours of time each week by allowing you or your child to ice down (without the mess in the car) when traveling. Best of all, it will help prevent lost hours in the gym by assisting in the prevention of many inflammatory injuries. If you use the ice and cold therapy a lot, it is a good idea to give your skin a rest from time to time to prevent any chance of skin irritation. A thin paper towel is always good between cold and direct skin contact.


Replacement Hot and Cold Gel Packs, Small 5" x 7"
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