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Pedia Pals CareFull Catch 6CC913 Urine Cup Holder, 6CC913-61920

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SKU : 61920
MPN : 6CC913
  • Holds specimen cup at a 6" distance
  • Angle allows for users to sit or stand
  • Reduces risk of contamination
  • Flexible holder with teeth fits nearly all cup sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Case of 50
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Ideal For
  • Female patients
  • Parents assisting their children with sample collection
  • Bariatric patients with difficulty reaching urine stream
  • Elderly patients with limited reach
  • Pregnant OB/GYN patients unable to bend over or reach

The CareFull Catch 6CC913 Urine Cup Holder is a simple and affordable solution to patient hygiene during urine sample collection. For many patients, especially female patients, it can be difficult to precisely collect a urine sample without getting urine on the hands or clothes. Not only is this messy and undesirable for the patients, it greatly increases the risk of contamination in medical and laboratory settings. The CareFull Catch puts more than 6" between a patient's hand and the specimen cup for far more sanitary collection. The angle in the arm of the Specimen Cup Holder and its lightweight construction make the 6CC913 easy to use in a sitting or standing position. The holder of the Urine Cup Wand is flexible and toothed, accommodating most standard urine cup sizes.

In addition to general medical facilities, the CareFull Catch Cup Wand is ideal for many specialty clinics. Patients who can benefit from using the Urine Cup Holder include: OB/GYN patients whose pregnancies make it difficult to bend over or reach, elderly patients with limited range of motion, bariatric patient unable to reach their urine stream, and pediatrics patients and their parents. Each case contains 50 individual 6CC913 Cup Holders. CareFull Catch Holders are proudly made in the USA.

QuickMedical SKU 61920
Manufacturer Pedia Pals
Custom Specifications
Handle Length3"
Inner Diameter1.5"
Total Length12"
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