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Amico Thea M-THEA-BZ100 Therapeutic Premium Foam Hospital Mattresses

Premium Mattress
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Premium Mattress
Amico M-THEA-BZ100-80366 Premium Mattress
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Model: M-THEA-BZ100-80366
Model: M-THEA-BZ100-84366
1000 lb Capacity
By: Amico

  • Made In Canada
  • Helps prevent the development of skin ulcers
  • Weight capacity of 1000 lbs
  • Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) for different levels of support throughout
  • Surface Modification Technology (SMT) alters foam's surface
  • Microspring process adds an additional layer of SMT foam
  • Open cell visco elastic foam
  • Foam conforms to the natural heat and weight of the body
  • Constructed from medical grade foam
  • 3 foam core layers
  • Anatomic pressure redistribution
  • Pressure redistribution achieved through zones for envelopment and body contouring
  • Different areas receive different support levels
  • Body contouring allows lower interface pressure on skin
  • 360° stretch cover minimizes friction and shearing on skin
  • Vapor permeable material
  • Provides a cool and dry environment for the patient's skin
  • Offers optimal envelopment and enhanced air circulation
  • Defined sides keep patients centered and provide multilateral roll stability
  • Anti-skid support strip prevents mattress from moving
  • Resists fluids, flames, and stains
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Anti-bacterial material
  • Welded seams reduce contamination
  • Durable mattress prevents against softening over time
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy patient repositioning
  • Helps reduce injuries for caregivers
  • Made with natural and renewable resources
  • Zero emission manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing process exceeds Clean Air Act requirements
More Details

Amico Thea Series M-THEA-BZ100 Premium Foam Mattresses are designed to prevent bedridden patients from developing skin ulcers. Amico accomplishes this by improving pressure redistribution away from high risk areas without sacrificing patient comfort. Premium Series Mattresses are made with open cell visco elastic foam which conforms to the natural heat and weight of the body in order to accommodate various pressure points. Bariatric Premium Foam Mattresses can support up to 1000 lbs and are ideal for all hospitals, birthing centers, long term care facilities, and bariatric clinics. Thea Foam Mattresses set up easily and are designed to make repositioning patients easy while preventing injuries for caregivers.

Premium Series Mattresses have three foam core layers and are made with several unique technologies to help reduce skin ulcers and tissue damage. These technologies include Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) and Surface Modification Technology (SMT). Variable Pressure Foaming applies different levels of support within the mattress allowing for high levels of pressure redistribution. Surface Modification Technology alters foam surfaces in order to redistribute pressure. This helps redistribute pressure in order to minimize friction and shearing on high risk areas while increasing circulation. Premium Mattresses are constructed with a microspring process which adds an additional layer of SMT foam in order to further reduce friction and shearing.

Hospital Mattresses feature open cell memory foam technology which offers heat and moisture management to help minimize skin maceration. Zones designed for envelopment and body contouring help redistribute pressure anatomically. A zoned cushioning layer provides different levels of support to different areas of the body. By allowing the Mattress to shape around the patient's body, interface pressures are lowered and patient comfort is improved. The Medical Mattress features defined sides with firmer padding along the edges to help keep patients centered and prevent falling. A 360° stretch cover helps reduce friction and shearing, which could cause skin ulcers in high risk areas. An anti-skid support strip helps prevent the mattress from shifting when it is placed on a bed frame.

Thea Medical Mattresses are made from the highest quality medical grade foam, helping to provide durability against softening over the lifetime of the mattress. The Thea Foam Mattresses are resistant to flames, fluids, and stains and have an easy to clean surface. Medical Foam Mattresses are made with a breathable anti-bacterial material that is vapor permeable and helps keep skin cool and dry. In addition to the anti-bacterial material, Foam Bed Mattresses also feature welded seams to help reduce contamination. Therapeutic Mattresses are available in two sizes, standard with an 80 inch length, and XL with an 84 inch length.

Amico Thea Series Foam Mattresses are manufactured with natural and renewable resources. The manufacturing process produces virtually zero emissions and even exceeds the Clean Air Act requirements.

Dimensions 80" x 36" x 6" (203.2" x 91.4" x 15.24 cm) 84" x 36" x 6" (213.3" x 91.4" x 15.24 cm)
Foam Core Layers 3
Size 80 x 36 x 6" LxWxH 84 x 36 x 6" LxWxH
Weight Capacity 1000 lbs (453.6 kg)
1 Year Warranty

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