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Birchwood B-Sure Bottom Balm

Bottom Balm
Bottom Balm
Birchwood Laboratories 92301 Bottom Balm
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Model: 92301





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Samples are for Health Care or Commercial use only.

Made in USA
  • Size: 4 oz
  • Works fast to soothe and relieve symptoms of irritated skin
  • Ideal for skin irritated from heat rash, diaper rash and other types of dermatitis
  • Apply to bottom or other areas where skin repair is needed
  • For use after cleansing with water or a gentle soap and patting dry
  • Packaged as single 4 ounce jar and 12 Jars per Case
  • Proudly Made in the USA
More Details

B-Sure All Natural Bottom Balm works fast to soothe and helps relieve the symptoms of skin irritated from heat rash, diaper rash, and other types of dermatitis. The formula is rich in natural skin conditioners and healing agents designed to soothe burning and itching, and help promote healthy skin. Birchwood B-Sure Bottom Balm is applied liberally to the bottom, or other areas where skin repair is needed, after cleansing with water or a gentle soap. B-Sure Bottom Balm works great in the immediate peri-stomal area to relieve inflammation and itch for continent ostomates. The B-Sure Bottom Balm contains soothing and moisturizing. B-Sure Bottom Balm is sold individually in a 4 ounce jar and by the case with 12 jars per case.

Size 4 Ounce
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