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Bovie Aaron® OR Pro 300 A3350 Electrosurgical Generator

OR Electrosurgical Generator
OR Electrosurgical Generator
Bovie Medical A3350 OR Electrosurgical Generator
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Model: A3350


Demos are for Health Care or Commercial use only.
300 Watts

Made in USA
  • USA Sales Only
  • The Electrosurgical System Includes:
  • Bovie A3350 OR|Pro 300 Electrosurgical Generator
  • 110 VAC 15' Hospital-Grade Power Cord
  • 220 VAC 15' Hospotal-Grade Power Cord
  • User's Guide in CD Format
  • Designed in conjunction with OR clinicians to provide safe, user-friendly generator
  • 13 modes including multiple cut, coagulation, blend, and bipolar options (see below)
  • Up to 300 watts of power
  • Last used power and mode recall
  • Allows for 10 presets and 6 bipolar output preferences
  • Fast Digital Feedback System (FDFS) detects tissue density changes and adjusts output power
  • Incorporated return electrode sensing and contact quality monitoring system
  • User-friendly digital interface
  • Membrane switch feature selection
  • Three front panel accessory connections
  • Two rear panel footswitch connections
  • Isolated RF output minimizes the potential of alternate site burns
  • Self diagnostics continually monitor the unit to ensure proper performance
  • Hospital-grade power cord included
  • Ideal for use in general, gynecologic, orthopedic, ENT and urological procedures
  • Also ideal for veterinary OR applications
  • Proudly made in the USA
A3350 Cut Modes
  • Three cut modes: Cut I, Cut II, and Blended Cut
  • Cut I for general procedures on a wide range of tissue with minimal hemostasis
  • Cut II for laparoscopic procedures with precisely managed energy and limited output
  • Four Blend levels to customize amount of hemostasis and cut
A3350 Coagulate Modes
  • Three Coag modes: Pinpoint, Spray, and Gentle
  • Pinpoint for general coagulation with rapid desiccation and minimal damage
  • Spray for use in highly vascular or large surface areas
  • Gentle offers concentrated coagulation
A3350 Bipolar Modes
  • Four Bipolar modes: Standard, Macro, Micro, and Bovie® Bipolar (BBp)
  • Bovie® Bipolar is exclusive to the OR PRO 300
  • BBp pulsing bipolar coagulation for quick and powerful coagulation of tissue
  • Standard gently coagulates tissue for minimal damage
  • Macro has intense output for aggressive coagulation with cut-like effects
  • Micro offers fine coagulation for gentle and precise applications
  • Auto Bipolar technology automatically activates, coagulates, and deactivates
  • Auto Bipolar compatible with Standard, Micro, and Macro bipolar modes
More Details

The Bovie Aaron® OR Pro 300 A3350 Electrosurgical Generator was designed in conjunction with Operating Room clinicians to provide a safe, user-friendly generator that meets all procedure performance demands with unsurpassed flexibility, reliability, and convenience. The Aaron® OR Pro 300 features innovative technology that provides 13 different output modes including varying levels of cut, blend, coagulate, and bipolar modes. The wide range of options assist surgeons in tailoring all electrosurgery needs for a variety of applications and preferences. This unit includes the latest technology in efficiency, safety, and performance, including the new proprietary Bovie® Bipolar (BBp) mode and Auto Bipolar technology.

The Aaron Digital Electrosurgical Generator features large, illuminated digital displays and offers ports for two footswitches and three accessories. The Aaron® A3350 features surgical memory technology, allowing it to recall the last used power and mode, while the user presets can recall up to 10 presets and up to 6 bipolar output preferences. Bovie Electrosurgical Generators feature incorporated automatic safety systems like self-test circuits, audible tones, discreet outputs and isolated output circuitry. Utilizing Bovie's proprietary FDFS™ tissue sensing technology, the Aaron® OR Pro ensures consistent energy delivery throughout any procedure by sensing tissue density changes and adjusting the output power to any varying tissue impedance. The generous 300 watt output allows maximum versatility for use in general, gynecologic, orthopedic, ENT, and urological procedures performed in an operating suite and procedure room.

The Aaron® OR PRO 300 features two distinct Cut Modes, Cut I and Cut II at 300 watts each. Cut I is ideal for general cutting in open and endoscopic surgical procedures, generating a constant output power and working well on a wide range of tissue with minimal hemostasis. Cut II is tailored for Laparoscopic procedures, offering a precisely managed cutting energy. Also featured in the A3350 Electrosurgery Generator are four levels of Blend Mode, providing a combination of cutting and hemostasis. The varying levels of hemostasis during cut procedures provide increased control of bleeding at the surgical application site, and range from level 1 that offers minimal blend with maximum cutting to level 4 which offers maximum hemostasis with minimal cutting.

The Bovie Aaron® OR PRO 300 has three distinct Coagulation Modes: Pinpoint, Spray, and Gentle. Pinpoint mode is for general coagulation, delivering rapid desiccation effects with minimal tissue damage to control bleeding in localized areas. Spray mode is recommended for hemostasis in highly vascular or large surface areas and for non-contact tissue coagulation to control superficial bleeding. Spray mode permits dual, simultaneous activation of two monopolar accessories with audible dual activation tone alert. In Gentle mode, more concentrated coagulation is offered than in other modes; for instance, when coagulation is necessary in short amounts of time, reduced electrode carbonization is provided.

The Bovie A3350 also includes four Bipolar Modes, which offer varying levels of hemostasis during a cut procedure to provide increased control of bleeding at the surgical site. Unique to the OR PRO 300 Electrosurgical Generator is the new Bovie® Bipolar (BBp) mode, a pulsing bipolar coagulation for quick and powerful coagulation of tissue. The pulsing performance can be tailored specifically to achieve the optimal surgical effect. Also available are standard, macro, and micro bipolar modes for even more versatility. Standard Bipolar mode gently coagulates tissue for minimal tissue damage reducing carbonization and sticking. Macro Bipolar mode offers intense bipolar output, allowing for aggressive coagulation, with cut-like effects over a wide range of tissue. Micro Bipolar offers fine bipolar coagulation for use in extremely gentle and precise surgical applications. Auto Bipolar Intuitive Technology is customizable and compatible with Standard, Macro, and Micro modes and offers immediate and simplified tissue coagulation with minimal damage. This feature automatically activates, coagulates and deactivates for precise tissue coagulation and eliminates the need for a footswitch.

Numerous accessories are available to customize your surgical experience, including a variety of electrode options, a mobile cart, and smoke evacuator. See accessories below and links above for more information and to purchase. Bovie Electrosurgical Generators are proudly made in the USA.

Audible / Visible Output Meter Yes
Auto Bipolar Output Power 80 W
Bipolar (All) Typical Crest Factor 1.5 +/- 20%
Blend Level 1 Typical Crest Factor 1.8 +/- 20%
Blend Level 1 Vpeak Max Voltage 1320V
Blend Level 2 Typical Crest Factor 2.0 +/- 20%
Blend Level 2 Vpeak Max Voltage 1475V
Blend Level 3 Typical Crest Factor 2.2 +/- 20%
Blend Level 3 Vpeak Max Voltage 1650V
Blend Level 4 Typical Crest Factor 2.4 +/- 20%
Blend Level 4 Vpeak Max Voltage 1870V
Blend Output Power 200 W
Bovie Bipolar Output Power 225 W
Bovie Bipolar Vpeak Max Voltage 250V
Coagulation Output Power 120 W
Cooling System Passive Cooling
Cut I and Cut II Output Power 300 W
Cut I Typical Crest Factor 1.7 +/- 20%
Cut II Typical Crest Factor 1.7 +/- 20%
Cut II Vpeak Max Voltage 750V
Dimensions 14.75" x 18.1" x 14.75" (37.5 x 46 x 37.5 cm) WxDxH
Frequency 490 kHz +/- 4.9 kHz or 350 to 450 kHz (Spray Coag Only)
Gentle Coag Typical Crest Factor 1.6 +/- 20%
Gentle Coag Vpeak Max Voltage 450V
Macro and Micro Bipolar Output Power 80 W
Macro Bipolar Vpeak Max Voltage 600V
Micro Bipolar Vpeak Max Voltage 450V
Monopolar HP Ports 2
Pinpoint Coag Typical Crest Factor 3.1 +/- 20%
Pinpoint Coag Vpeak Max Voltage 1800V
Power Display Accuracy +/- 20% or 5 W, whichever is greater
Range / Trip Point 10 ohms or less over entire operating range, 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C)
Spray Coag Typical Crest Factor 6.0 +/- 20%
Spray Coag Vpeak Max Voltage 4000V
Standard Bipolar Output Power 50 W
Standard Bipolar Vpeak Max Voltage 300V
Weight 20 lbs (9.07 kg)
4 Year Warranty

The manufacturer warrants that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship. Repair or replacement will be issued for any product which is found defective under the terms of this warranty. QuickMedical will assist with warranty issues within 30 days of product delivery. After that time, the products manufacturer must be contacted directly to address all warranty issues. The entire warranty period will be honored with the return of the warranty card to the manufacturer.

30 Day Return Policy

This product has a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply call QuickMedical Customer Service at 425-222-5963 for a return authorization number and instruction on where to ship the return. All returns must be authorized and in original packaging.

Restock Fee

If returned, this product's manufacturer may charge a restocking fee of 20%.

To avoid factory restock fees, please consult with a QuickMedical sales associate to insure the product meets your needs. On site demos or factory approved trial and evaluations can be arranged, and may reduce or eliminate restocking fees.


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