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BR Surgical Flexible Rhinolaryngoscopes

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  • Constructed with high resolution, multilens objectives
  • Handle is constructed from hardcoat aluminum
  • Components of handle are constructed from stainless steel
  • Includes stainless steel, laser welded deflecting tip
  • Features German image guide with an atraumatic rounded tip
  • Flexible Naso-Laryngoscopes are NOT compatible with Ultra-sound baths
  • Flexible Naso-Laryngoscopes are NOT Steam Autoclavable (see below for alternatives)
  • Sterilization Compatibility
  • High Level Disinfection Sterilization
  • Gas Sterilization (Flexible Endoscopes with air exhaust valves only)
  • Low-temperature Plasma Sterilization (Flexible Endoscopes with air exhaust valves only)
  • Fiberoptic Compatibility
  • Compatible with conventional fiberoptic light guides
  • Adapters included for ACMI, Wolf, Olympus and Storz
  • Video Compatibility
  • Compatible with most conventional medical grade video cameras for minimally invasive surgery
  • Eye piece on the endoscope will couple directly to the optical coupler on the camera
  • Image size on the monitor can be changed via couplers or zoom couplers

Flexible Rhinolaryngoscopes by BR Surgical are designed for the needs of physicians in daily practice. BR Surgical Naso-Laryngoscopes are specially designed with high resolution and multi-lens objectives to ensure optimum picture quality. Each flexible naso-laryngoscope includes a handle of hardcoat aluminum, rather than PVC commonly found in competitor models. Each rhinoscope is equipped with stainless steel handle components for unmatched durability. Other notable features include a stainless steel, laser welded deflecting tip, a German image guide and an atraumatic rounded smooth stainless steel tip for smooth, easy entry into nasal cavity. BR Surgical uses high quality materials to construct surgical instruments to provide years of consistent service.

BR Surgical Rhinolaryngoscopes are available with four different working diameters: 2.6, 3.2, 3.4 and 3.8 mm. Flexible Naso-Laryngoscopes are offered in 300 mm lengths and include an air exhaust valve. BR Surgical instruments are ideal for clinics, hospitals and operating rooms in need of high quality, long life instruments. BR Surgical sinuscopes are ideal for in-office diagnosis for otolaryngologists and allergists.

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Manufacturer BR Surgical
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