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Summit Appliance Accucold FFAR10-FS24LSTACKMED2 Vaccine Combination Refrigerator and Freezer

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SKU : 68808
  •  10.1 cu. ft Refrigerator Capacity
  •  1.4 cu ft Freezer Capacity
  •  Slim 24" Width
  • Slim 24" wide space saving design for independent refrigerator and freezer
  • Meets CDC and VFC guidelines for safe vaccine storage
    • 10.1 cu. ft Refrigerator Capacity
    • 1.4 cu ft Freezer Capacity
    • Slim 24" Width
    • Slim 24" wide space saving design for independent refrigerator and freezer
    • Meets CDC and VFC guidelines for safe vaccine storage
    • Easy to use front control panels for temperature monitoring and control
    • Digital thermostats for accurate temperature control
    • Temperature display is NIST calibrated
    • High and low temperature alarms
    • Temperature calibration done in an ISO/IEC certified laboratory
    • Buffered temperature probe improves temperature display accuracy
    • Front locks for securing contents
    • Green dot hospital grade plugs for stronger connection
    • Access ports for additional monitoring equipment
    • Foamed-in-place insulation
    • Door gaskets are magnetic for a tight seal
    • Adjustable/removable wire shelving
    • Flat door liners
    • ETL and ETL-C listed
    • Free of ozone damaging chemicals
    • FFAR10MED2 Features
    • Flat door liner prevents storing items at different temperatures
    • Internal fan helps keep temperature even throughout
    • FS24LMED2 Features
    • Manual defrosting is necessary for maintaining temperatures as low as -20°C

    The Summit Accucold™ FFAR10-FS24LSTACKMED2 Vaccine Combination Refrigerator and Freezer is ideal for storing vaccines and combines both units in a space-saving 24" wide setup. The stacked Medical Refrigerator and Freezer are ideal for storing vaccines in accordance with guidelines from the CDC and the VFC. At the front of each appliance is an easy to use control panel which is where both the digital thermometer and digital thermostat are located. Accucold™ Medical Appliances are perfect for hospitals and medical laboratories.

    Unlike traditional appliances, Accucold™ Medical Refrigerators and Freezers feature digital thermostats which allow users to specify their desired temperature. NIST calibrated temperature displays show the current internal temperatures as well as the preferred temperature range for the high-low temperature alarms. When an appliance's internal temperature exceeds the set range, an alarm will sound. Temperature calibration for Accucold™ Medical Appliances has been performed in a certified ISO/IEC laboratory. For accurate temperature readings, the medical appliance relies on a buffered temperature probe encased in a glycol filled bottle located at the center of each individual unit. This probe helps produce temperature readings close to that of stored contents.

    Each unit features a front lock for restricting access to the contents inside. A green dot hospital grade plug with 3 secure prongs is included with each unit. These plugs help provide a secure connection to power outlets in order to prevent accidental unplugging. For users who want to add additional temperature monitoring equipment, a 3/8" probe hole is located at the rear of the unit. To help maintain stable temperatures, the Accucold™ Stacked Refrigerator-Freezer features foamed-in-place insulation and magnetic door gaskets to prevent doors from being left ajar. The Medical Freezer features removable wire shelving while the Medical Refrigerator features adjustable wire shelving. Both units feature flat door liners to prevent items from being stored at inconsistent temperatures.

    The FFAR10MED2 is a Medical Refrigerator with 10 cubic ft of space, automatic defrosting, and an internal fan for even cooling. The Accucold™ FS24LMED2 Medical Freezer features 1.4 cubic ft of space and can reach temperatures as low as -20°C. In order to maintain these low temperatures, the Freezer unit must be manually defrosted.

    Summit Appliances are ETL and ETL-C listed and operate free of any ozone damaging chemicals.

    QuickMedical SKU 68808
    UPC 761101058702
    Manufacturer Summit Appliance
    Custom Specifications
    Refrigerator Low Side PSI70
    Power115V AC
    Refrigerant TypeR134a
    Refrigerator Capacity10.1 cu ft
    Refrigerator Compressor Dimensions20" x 5.5" x 6.25" WxDxH
    Refrigerator Depth with Door at 90°45.5"
    Refrigerator Exterior Dimensions23.63" x 23.5" x 56.75" WxDxH
    Refrigerator High Side PSI285
    Frequency60 Hz
    Refrigerator Interior Dimensions20.5" x 17.75" x 48.25" WxDxH
    Refrigerator Height56.75"
    Refrigerator Refrigerant Amount3.0 oz
    Freezer Refrigerant Amount1.5 oz
    Combined Internal Capacity11.5 cu ft
    Freezer Capacity1.4 cu ft
    Freezer Compressor Dimensions13.5" x 6" x 8.5" WxDxH
    Freezer Depth with Door at 90°34.5"
    Freezer Height21.75"
    Freezer High Side PSI180
    Freezer Interior Dimensions13.5" x 13.25" x 14.38"
    Freezer Low Side PSI110
    Freezer Minimum Temperature-20°C
    Freezer Exterior Dimensions18.5" x 17.63" x 21.75" WxDxH
    Combined Exterior Dimensions24" x 23.5" x 78.5" WxDxH
    Unit of Measure (UOM) EA
    Warranty Limited 2 years parts and labor/5 years for compressor
    Country of Origin RS/CN
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