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Amico Apollo MS-SC Hospital Beds with Thea Economy Foam Mattress, 80"-51850

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SKU : 51850
MPN : 4002-BZ11-84366 KIT
  • Mattress Size: 80 x 36 x 6 in LxWxH
  • Mattress Weight Capacity: 350 lbs (158.8 kg)
  • Bed Weight Capacity: 550 lbs (250 kg)
  • Integrated scale and fall alarm
  • Weight capacity of 550 lbs
  • Five adjustable positions
  • Eliminates need for additional scales and patient transfers
  • Accurate readings regardless of bed positioning
  • Auto-Compensate feature accounts for weight of additional items
  • Fall alarm notifies staff when patients exit the bed
  • Adjustable knee and head sections
  • Low minimum height for safer transfers and reduced fall impact
  • Adjustable height
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg positions
  • Linak™ DC Actuators for quiet adjustments
  • Linak™ DC Actuators offer high reliability and protect against fluid damage
  • Auto-contour function creates natural seated position
  • Auto-contour function also helps prevent mattress movement
  • Flat button brings bed back to a flat position
  • CPR release lowers head section in case of emergencies
  • Battery backup allows for adjustments during transfer or power outage
  • Unique side rail design helps prevent against entrapment
  • Side rails meet HBSW and IEC entrapment regulations
  • Patient controls located on the inside of side rails
  • Patient controls include adjustments, night light, and nurse call button
  • LED light allows patients to operate controls in the dark
  • Staff controls located on the outside of both side rails and the footboard
  • Lock-out controls for staff prevent unwanted adjustments
  • Lock-out controls located on footboard and outer side rails
  • Includes folding IV pole
  • Four IV pole sockets, one at each corner
  • Integrated pump holder located at the footboard
  • Custom 6 inch Tente® swivel caster wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Easy access brakes located at the center of both sides
  • Roller bumpers at each corner protect walls and bed during transport
  • Foot section extends up to 4 inches for taller patients
  • Mattress retainer prevents sliding
  • Flat powder coated metal litter deck for easy cleaning
  • Flat deck allows for use with standard mattresses
  • Choice of blue or maple side rail colors
  • Headboard stays low for easy staff access
  • Head and foot boards remove easily
  • Hospital grade plug
  • Choice of blue or maple side rail accent colors
  • Hospital Mattress
  • Helps prevent the development of skin ulcers
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) for different levels of support throughout
  • Surface Modification Technology (SMT) alters foam's surface
  • Open cell memory foam reduces heat and moisture
  • Constructed from medical grade foam
  • Foam cushioning layer
  • Anatomic pressure redistribution
  • Pressure redistribution achieved through zones for envelopment and body contouring
  • Different areas receive different support levels
  • Body contouring allows lower interface pressure on skin
  • 360° stretch cover minimizes friction and shearing on skin
  • Vapor permeable material
  • Provides a cool and dry environment for the patient's skin
  • Offers optimal envelopment and enhanced air circulation
  • Defined sides keep patients centered and provide multilateral roll stability
  • Anti-skid support strip prevents mattress from moving
  • Resists fluids, flames, and stains
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Anti-bacterial material
  • Welded seams reduce contamination
  • High quality foam construction prevents against softening over time
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy patient repositioning
  • Helps reduce injuries for caregivers
  • Made with natural and renewable resources
  • Zero emission manufacturing process
  • Manufactu
QuickMedical SKU 51850
Manufacturer Amico
Custom Specifications
Height Range16 to 27" (41 to 79 cm)
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