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Charder MS3500 Digital Baby Scale with Removable Tray

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SKU : QM117600
  • Includes HM80M Length Measuring Rod
  • 44 lb (20 kg) weight capacity
  • Measures in lbs or kg
  • 44 lb (20 kg) weight capacity
  • Designed with high-precision load cells
  • Measures in kg or lbs
  • Large, curved weighing tray safely supports infants
  • Tray is removable for older children to stand on
  • Manual length-measuring rod available with scale
  • Automatically zeroes the scale
  • Powered by 9V battery (included) or AC adapter (included)
  • Automatic off feature preserves battery
  • Simple operation with three buttons: hold, tare, and on/zero/off
  • Hold function locks weight measurements of moving baby
  • Tare function compensates for weight of diaper or clothing
  • Available with a carry case - See accessories below
  • Very slim (2 cm), lightweight base platform
  • One inch LCD display

The Charder MS3500 Digital Baby Scale with Removable Tray measures weight in kilograms or pounds, up to 44lbs or 20 kg, making it ideal for infants and toddlers. A large, curved weighing tray provides safe support for small children and is removable, allowing older children to stand on the scale. For simultaneous length-measuring, an infantometer is available for purchase with the Digital Infant Scale. The base platform of the Baby Scale is slim, lightweight, and space efficient with a mere 0.8 inch (2 cm) thickness and features a 1 inch LCD Display. The high-precision load cells of the Pediatric Scale make it ideal for use in hospitals or pediatric facilities.

The Digital Baby Scale operates simply, with only three buttons. A hold function locks in the Baby Scale's measurements so they can be recorded even with a moving infant. The tare function of the Portable Baby Scale allows for the deduction of the weight of additional items, like diapers or clothing, from the overall weight.The MS3500 automatically zeroes with the press of a button to preserve accurate weighing with every measurement. The Charder Baby Scale will automatically turn off to preserve the 9V battery (included) or to save power for the AC adapter (Included). The Charder Pediatric Scale is available with a carrying case - See accessories below.

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Manufacturer Charder
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