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Wallach Cervical Dilator Sets

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  • Manually dilate cervix for gynecological procedures
  • Four styles to choose from for various patient sizes and dilation need
  • Mini dilators ideal for patients who have never given birth or have stenotic cervical os
  • Small dilators ideal for petite patients or patients who have stenotic cervical os
  • Mini dilators provide dilation from 1 to 3 mm (half mm increments)
  • Small dilators provide dilation from 1 to 6 mm (full mm increments)
  • Hank dilators provide dilation from 4.5 to 10 mm (half mm increments)
  • Hegar dilators provide dilation from 3 to 18 mm (full mm increments)

Wallach Cervical Dilator Sets are manufactured from high quality, German stainless steel and feature sizes to fit every patient. Cervical dilators are ideal for gynecological procedures where gradual dilation of the cervix is necessary, for instance, to accommodate hysteroscopy equipment to allow for the examination of the cervix and uterus. Cervical Dilator sets are available in mini, small, Hegar, and Hank styles.

The Mini Cervical Dilator set is ideal for nulliparous patients or those with a stenotic os and features rounded tips that help prevent uterine wall puncture. This set includes a universal handle with five tips that range from 1 - 3 mm in half millimeter increments. The Small Cervical Dilator Set is designed for smaller patients or those with a stenotic cervical os, and includes six dilators from 1 - 6 mm in full millimeter increments. Hank Cervical Dilators are double-ended dilators in a set of six ranging in size from 4.5 - 10 mm, with a half millimeter on one end and a full millimeter size on the other for smooth dilation. Hegar Cervical Dilators are hollow, double-ended dilators in a set of eight ranging in size from 3 - 18 mm. Each Hegar Dilator has a small and large end in full millimeter increments.

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