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Vitacon VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner

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  • VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner probe
  • Carry case
  • VitaScan LT software for Windows® (XP or higher)
  • VitaScan Verification Test Tool
  • One bottle of ultrasound gel
  • Identifies and tracks bladder location
  • VitaScan software preinstalled
  • Shows a real-time image of bladder
  • 3D multi-plane scan from one position on the body
  • Selectable scan depths (100mm, 160mm, 230mm)
  • Automatically measures urinary bladder volume and Post Void Retention (PVR)
  • Measurements in 3 to 4 seconds
  • Volume reading accuracy of +/- 10% (20ml)
  • Manual measurement with auto recalculation
  • One button controls scanner start and stop
  • "Simple" and "Advanced" scan modes
  • No calibration required - VitaScan Verification Test Tool included
  • Post-test quality indicators to help train users for optimum results
  • Logs all scans
  • Sonographer not required for use
  • Advanced signal and image processing for sharp and clear images
  • Prints to full size standard printers via tablet wi-fi or Bluetooth®
  • Save scans to network in real-time in PDF, JPEG, or DICOM formats
  • Standard file format attaches and saves easily to EMR and EHR
  • USB powered probe
  • Antimicrobial keyboard, wireless printer with tray, and rolling medical cart available (sold separately) - see accessories below for more details
  • VitaScan LT C5 Commercial Grade Tablet Features:
  • 10" color touchscreen
  • VitaScan LT C6 Medical Grade Tablet Features:
  • 9.7" LED backlit multi-touch color touchscreen
  • Antimicrobial housing to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms
  • Water and dust proof
  • Fanless - meets highest requirements for safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EN60601 Certified)
  • Can be cleaned without damaging internal electronics

The VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner identifies and tracks location while showing a real-time image of the bladder. Vitacon's Ultrasound Bladder Scanner provides a 3D multi-plane scan from one position of the body with three selectable scan depths (100mm, 160mm, and 230mm) to accommodate to various body types. The VitaScan LT Bladder Imaging Device automatically measures urinary bladder volume and Post Void Retention (PVR) in just 3 to 4 seconds with results accurate to +/- 10% (20ml). A manual measurement with auto recalculation may be taken.

Vitacon's VitaScan LT 3D Bladder Scanner is designed for easy usability, featuring a one-button control for the scanner's start and stop function with both "Simple" and "Advanced" scan modes. The "Advanced" scanning mode captures multiple (default of 6) images of the bladder and takes a combined volume measurement reading, while the "Simple" mode quickly provides a volume measurement with 1 image. No calibration is required with the included VitaScan Verification Test Tool and post-test quality indicators help to train users for optimum results. The VitaScan LT Ultrasound Bladder Scanner logs all scans and no sonographer is needed for use.

The VitaScan LT 3D Ultrasound Bladder Scanner features advanced signal and image processing to ensure sharp and clear images that may be printed to full-size printers via a wi-fi or Blootooth® connection. The scanned images can be saved easily to a network in real-time in PDF, JPEG, or DICOM formats and may be conveniently attached to EMR and EHR. Vitacon's VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner Probe is powered by USB and the VitaScan software comes preinstalled on the console. An antimicrobial keyboard and cart mount, wireless printer with tray, and a rolling medical laptop cart are available (sold separately) - see accessories below for additional details.

The VitaScan LT 100525C5 model comes with a 10" commercial grade tablet with a color touchscreen and a rolling cart with basket and monitor stand. VitaScan LT 100525

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