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Thera-Band Exercise Stations

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  • Convenient, Low Profile Exercise Station
  • Provides a durable platform for a variety of resistance exercises
  • Compatible with a wide variety of accessories
  • All Thera-Band Exercise Stations are proudly made in the USA.
  • Stabilizing Base for Exercise Balls
  • Six anchor points to attach therapy tubing
  • Ideal for use with a variety of sizes and types of exercise balls
  • For use with fitness steps and stability trainers
  • 10-1571 Wall Mount Exercise Station
  • 3 planes of movement for full body resistance
  • 12 inch therapy tubing in 4 progressive levels
  • Two exercise handles
  • Two extremity straps
  • One head strap
  • Two full color exercise posters
  • 10-1572 Wall Mount and Exercise Platform Combo
  • Combination of 10-1570 and 10-1571
  • 12 inch tubing in 3 progressive levels and three lengths
  • One 36 inch padded exercise bar
  • Two Exercise Handles
  • Two Assist Straps
  • Two Color posters with 24 exercises and safety precautions
  • 10-1573 Rehab and Wellness Station
  • Combination of 10-1572 and additional accessories
  • 12 inches of tubing at 4 resistance levels and 3 lengths
  • Three Exercise Balls (yellow, red and green)
  • Two sets of Stability Trainers
  • Waist Belt
  • Two Assist Straps
  • Head Strap
  • Padded Exercise Bar
  • Two Extremity Straps
  • Two Exercise Handles
  • 1 Accessory Rack
  • Exercise CD
  • 4 Posters with Exercises and Safety Precautions

Thera-Band Exercise Stations are available in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of physical therapy, rehabilitation and full body fitness programs. Thera-Band Exercise Stations save space and offer a platform for a wide variety of resistance exercises.

Thera-Band offers the 10-1570 Exercise Platform which includes a stabilizing base system for exercise balls. This ball stabilizing base offers six anchor points for therapy tubing and is ideal for use with a range of exercise balls, fitness steps and stability trainers. The 10-1570 is great for home use as well as an addition to complete gyms.

Thera-Band's 10-1571 Wall Mount Exercise Station offers a multi-dimensional design with three planes of movement for full body resistance. Ideal for upper and lower extremity exercises, the 10-1571 is low profile and occupies minimal space so that full body workouts are possible without purchasing several pieces of cumbersome gym equipment. The 10-1571 also includes an accessory package featuring 12 inch therapy tubing in four progressive levels, two exercise handles, two extremity straps, a head strap, and two full color posters with common exercises and safety precautions.

For a combination of the Exercise Platform Base and Wall Mount Exercise Station, Thera-Band offers the 10-1572 Wall Mount and Exercise Platform Combo Unit. This Combo Unit includes the 10-1570 Exercise Platform with the 10-1571 Wall Mount Exercise Station, 12 inch tubing in three progressive levels and three lengths, a 36 inch padded exercise bar, two exercise handles, two assist straps and two color posters with 24 exercises and safety precautions.

A complete rehabilitation and wellness station is also available; the 10-1573. The 10-1573 Rehab and Wellness Wall Mount Exercise Station includes four levels of resistance tubing at three different lengths, three exercise balls (yellow, red and green), two sets of stability trainers (green and blue) and a complete accessory kit. The complete accessory kit includes a waist belt, two assist straps, a head strap, an exercise bar, two extremity straps, two exercise handles, accessory rack, exercise CD and four full color posters with exercises and safety precautions.

Additional and replacement tubing, straps, handles and bars are available. See accessories below. Thera-Band Exercise Stations are proudly made in the USA.

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