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Cando Dual-Handle Medicine Ball

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SKU : QM325800
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  • Dual, soft grip handle for one or two hands
  • Abdominal strengthening
  • Rotational movement
  • Upper and lower body strength training
  • Handles for wide range of movements
  • Color-coded by weight

The Cando Dual-Handle Medicine Ball provides a multi-functional approach to conditioning and training. The Cando Medicine Ball is great for abdominal strengthening, rotational movement, and upper and lower body strength training.The Dual Handles allow for a wide range of movements. The Cando Medicine Ball is ideal for exercise, strength training and rehabilitation treatment. This Fitness Ball is crafted from durable, high quality materials to ensure long life under heavy, consistent use.

The set of 5 includes yellow, red, green, blue, and black.

QuickMedical SKU QM325800
Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
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