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Rolyan Range of Motion Boards

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  • Varying angle provides different shoulder extension
  • Bilateral or single handle
  • Add weights for increased resistance
  • Can be permanently mounted or clamped onto a table
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • 10-1152 Climbing Board
  • Increases motor skills and upper extremity range of motion
  • Bar includes handle grips for ease of use
  • Can be permanently mounted or clamped onto a table
  • Proudly made in the USA

The Rolyan line of Range of Motion Boards provide a variety of therapeutic activities for the rehabilitation of shoulders and upper extremities. Both the 10-1152 Board and Bar set and the 10-1161 Incline Board increase a patient's range of motion, strength and coordination in a compact and efficient unit. The Shoulder Exercise Boards can either be clamped or permanently mounted to a table top for clinical use.

The 10-11520 Climbing Board's hardened aluminum frame includes seven rubber tipped pegs along each vertical side with 4 inch spacing. The 38 inch long bar has padded grips for comfort while the patient performs the exercise. The optional 10-1153 Accessory Kit expands the versatility of the equipment to improve perceptual motor skills - See accessories below.

The 10-1161 Shoulder Incline Board provides alternative movement for increasing the patient's upper body condition. Varying the angle of the Incline Board provides for a greater range of shoulder extension. The Shoulder Board facilitates single or bilateral exercise and weights can be added to the central carriage to increase resistance.

The Rolyan line of Upper Extremity Exercise Boards is proudly made in the USA.

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