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Baseline AcuAngle 12-1149 Inclinometer

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SKU : QM339700
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  • Pointer is dampened by fluid to assure accurate ROM measurements
  • Adjustable feet along scale (side-to-side) adapt to body contours
  • Range of motion read from the dial
  • Available in a case of 2

The AcuAngle Inclinometer offers side-to-side adjustable feet to allow it to adapt to body contours. The 12-1149 provides rapid measurement results with a pointer that is damped by fluid to prevent oscillation interference. The Inclinometer is ideal for diagnosis and tracking the progress of therapy, the range of motion can easily be read from the dial. The Baseline 12-1149 is available singly or in a case of 2.

QuickMedical SKU QM339700
Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
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