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WEST Sensory Evaluator Monfilaments

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SKU : QM340200
As low as $225.01
  • Each model includes five monofilaments
  • Weights are color-coded
  • Monofilmanets are individually calibrated
  • Case, test form, and manual included
  • Proudly made in the USA

The Weinstein Enhanced Sensory Test uses five monofilaments of varying weight to evaluate skin sensitivity and nerve impairment. The test is available in hand, foot and WEST-D configurations to meet a variety of applications. Each WEST monofilament evaluator includes a case, test form, and manual. WEST hand, foot, and "D" monofilaments are individually calibrated. The Baseline Monofilament Aesthesiometer is proudly made in the USA.

QuickMedical SKU QM340200
Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
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