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Baseline Two-Point Discriminators

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SKU : QM340900
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  • Evaluates nerve impairment and repair
  • Ascertains touch threshold and sensitivity
  • Allows single or double point stimulation
  • Model 12-1480 and 12-1481
  • Includes plastic tips to minimize the point temperatures influence on the test
  • Ruler style for fast measurement of nerve density
  • Model 12-1482
  • Stainless steel two point scissor style

The Baseline 2-point Discriminators evaluate nerve impairment and allow Physicians and therapists to ascertain nerve repair after trauma or surgery. The Discriminator is offered in three styles to suit the preferences of the care provider.

The 12-1480 is a ruler style instrument offered in plastic to minimize the influence point temperature may have on the sensitivity of the patient. The 12-1481 is also a plastic ruler model and is designed with a third touch point. The Baseline 12-1482 is a scissor style instrument with the distance between the points indicated on the bottom leg of the instrument and is made of stainless steel for extra durability. All three models of the Baseline Discriminators are proudly made in the USA.

QuickMedical SKU QM340900
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