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Whitehall HydroLift Hi-Lo Whirlpool Lift with Tank

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SKU : QM349200
As low as $8,535.39
  • Handle raises whirlpool quickly and easily, even when filled
  • Can be raised up to 3 ft off the floor
  • Available in 3 tank capacities
  • Proudly made in the USA

The HydroLift Hi-Lo Whirlpool Lift is two whirlpools in one, and can be raised or lowered to treat upper or lower extremities. The whirlpool can be adjusted to any height up to 3 feet above the ground using a convenient handle, even when filled. The Adjustable Whirlpool is available in 10, 15, and 22 gallon capacities. The HydroLift Hydrotherapy Whirlpool is ideal for physical therapy and sports medicine. The HiLo Whirlpool is proudly made in the USA.

QuickMedical SKU QM349200
Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
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