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Independence Spill Proof Cups

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SKU : QM358100
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  • Mug with 1 or 2 handles, or timbler version
  • Each comes with two versatile, specialty lids
  • Each comes with two versatile, specialty lids
  • 8 oz capacity
  • Can be used with or without anti-splash lid
  • Mug with 1 or 2 handles, and tumbler available
  • Dishwasher safe plastic
  • Can be used with or with anti-splash lid
  • Dishwasher safe plastic

The Independence Cups are convenient drinking cups, made of dishwasher-safe plastic, that are available in three different styles: Tumbler, Single-Handled Mug, and Double-Handled Mug. Each one includes 2 lids, an anti-splash style and a spout style. These Cups all have an 8 oz capacity. The Drinking Cups are ideal for anyone's personal use.

This Cup is ideal for patients with special needs who require aid for daily tasks. This Independence Cup provides a convenient approach to re-establishing a portion of patient independence. Great for hospitals, clinics, and personal use, the Cup is crafted from high quality materials to ensure long life with consistent use. The Cup is a perfect tool for anyone needing marginal assistance.

QuickMedical SKU QM358100
Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
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