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Hand-to-Hand Mug

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SKU : QM358300
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  • Contoured grip, easy to hold with one or two hands
  • Double wall protects hands from heat and cold while maintaining inside temperature
  • Holds 10 oz
  • Safe for top rack dishwasher and (cup only) microwave
  • Available with or without spout lid

This Hand-to-Hand Mug is convenient to hold with one or two hands, and its double wall protects hands while maintaining the temperature of the liquid inside. The Mug, available with or without a spout lid, has a 10 oz capacity. The Mug and lid are top-rack dishwasher safe, and the Mug by itself can be put in a microwave. This Hand-to-Hand Mug is safe and ideal for anyone.

QuickMedical SKU QM358300
Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
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