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Bed Assist Handles

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  • Fits twin to king sized bed
  • Provides support for getting in and out of bed
  • Easy to grasp handles can be used for repositioning and turning in bed
  • Side pockets provide convenient storage areas
  • Handles are 20" wide and height adjustable from 16" - 19"
  • Bars slide between mattress and box spring
  • Not for use on mechanical beds

Bed Assist Handles provide a steady anchor point to assist patients with limited strength or mobility in getting into and out of a standard bed. (The units are not for use on a mechanical bed.) The In-Bed Repositioning Handles help the user to turn over, sit up and adjust them selves into a more comfortable position. The Bed Grip Handles are 20 inches wide and can be adjusted from 16-19 inches tall. The Bed Handles with Caddy also offer a pocket for convenient storage of small items or reading material. Both models of Bed Positioning Aids are ideal for home or clinical use.

The 86-0100 Single Handled Bed Assist attaches to a standard bed by slipping the bar between the mattress and box springs and securing the strap to the bed frame. The Single Bed Handle fits twin to king sized beds.

The 86-0101 Double Handled Bed Assist installs on both sides of the bed also by slipping the bars between the mattress and box frame and fits twin to queen sized beds.

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