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Dycem Cone Shaped Non Slip Bottle and Jar Openers

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SKU : QM359600
As low as $10.24
  • Effective on screw top jars, tamper proof and child resistant lids
  • Available in blue or yellow
  • Fits palm of the hand

Dycem Cone Shaped Non Slip Bottle and Jar Openers are ideal for hospitals, clinics and home use. Dycem Bottle and Jar Openers are a convenient, cost effective method for opening jars and bottles with tight lids. Ideal for individuals suffering from arthritis or other injuries of the hand, Non Slip Bottle and Jar openers are effective and easy to use. The Non Slip Opener fits the palm of the hand and is useful for opening screw on tops as well as child resistant and tamper proof lids.

QuickMedical SKU QM359600
Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
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