Cincinnati Surgical Qlicksmart 48QS Blade Remover

Qlicksmart Blade Remover
Qlicksmart Blade Remover
Cincinnati Surgical 48QS Qlicksmart Blade Remover
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Model: 48QS


Packaged Individually
  • Multi-use
  • 100 blade capacity
  • Has blade counter on the front of the unit
  • Unit shuts off automatically when full
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for operating rooms and surgical facilities
  • Packaged individually
  • Wall bracket allows for wall mounting - See accessories section below
More Details

The Qlicksmart 48QS Blade Remover from Cincinnati Surgical is designed to promote safe and easy surgical blade removal. These Blade Remover Boxes are able to hold 100 blades and will automatically shut off when full. A blade counter is visible on the front of the unit that keeps track of blade storage remaining. The Qlicksmart is considered a Sharps Disposal unit and can be disposed of with no sharps contact. This Blade Removal Box is easily wall mounted with a wall mounting bracket.

To use the Qlicksmart 48QS, first insert the blade with the edge facing to the right, make sure it is in the flat position and not at angle. Second push into the unit until an audible click noise is heard. Lastly remove the handle; the blade has been removed and is now stored inside the unit. The 48QS Qlicksmart from Cincinnati Surgical are packaged individually. See below for wall mount bracket.

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Qlicksmart Blade Remover, Mounting Bracket
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