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Dynarex 4896 Nail Brushes

Nail Brush
Nail Brush
Dynarex 4896 Nail Brush
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Model: 4896


Samples are for Health Care or Commercial use only.
By: Dynarex
  • Firm
  • Non-absorbent
  • Provides effective cleaning beneath the nail
  • 2.5 inch length
  • Sold by the case
More Details

Dynarex Nail Brushes are great for getting dirt out from underneath the nail. Dynarex Nail Brushes are designed with firm, non-absorbent bristles to provide effective cleaning beneath the fingernails, making them ideal for hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers as well as places like nail salons and spas. Dynarex Nail Brushes or manicure brushes, are sold 12 per bag with 24 bags per case.

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