Dynarex Benzalkonium Antiseptic Towelettes

BZK Wipe
BZK Wipe, Bulk
BZK Wipe
Dynarex 1303 BZK Wipe
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By: Dynarex
  • BZK towelette for effective antiseptic cleansing
  • Alcohol free
  • Will not sting
  • Ideal for perineal and maternity care, clean catch kit use
  • Contains 0.13% benzalkonium chloride solution.
More Details

Benzalkonium Antiseptic (BZK) Towelettes are alcohol free and cleanse without stinging. Each non-scented towelette is saturated with 1:250 benzalkonium chloride. Measuring 5 x 7 inches fan folded, the BZK antiseptic pads are an ideal wipe for perineal and maternity care, as well as clean catch kits. Benzalkonium wipes and most Dynarex medical supplies are sold by the box or case.

Size 5" x 7"
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