Dynarex 1302 Obstetrical Wipes

Obstetrical Wipe
Obstetrical Wipe
Dynarex 1302 Obstetrical Wipe
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By: Dynarex
  • Size: 5" x 7"
  • For use whenever cleansing/refreshing is required
  • Contains benzalkonium chloride solution 1:250, to yield 1:750
  • Acohol 5 percent chlorothymol
  • Cleanser deodorant
More Details

Obstetrical wipes are perfect for sanitizing sensitive areas. Dynarex obstetrical wipes contain benzalkonium chloride (BZK) solution 1:250, to yield 1:750, alcohol 5 percent, chlorothymol. These bzk wipes are individually packaged towelettes. Ob wipes and most Dynarex medical supplies are sold by the box or case.

Size 5" x 7"
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